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AV Rant #623: Converting Analogue Videotapes to Digital

January 1st, 2019

Today we present an interview with Lee Overstreet in which we discuss the fascinating process of converting various analogue videotape formats into digital files that can be archived and shared more easily.
Below are links for some of the resources mentioned throughout the episode:

Contact info:- Lee Overstreet on Twitter: @LeeOverTweet
– Lee Overstreet’s YouTube Channel

Professional Film to Digital Conversion Service:- Cinepost Posthouse
Resources & Tutorials:- The Digital FAQ
– Using VirtualDub to convert VHS to 60p

Playback Hardware:- External Time Base Corrector
– JVC or Panasonic Super VHS VCR with TBC
– Sony Hi8 XR Camcorder

Capture Hardware:- Diamond VC500
– Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle

Software:- Adobe Premiere
– VirtualDub
– Handbrake

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  1. FrankieP
    January 6th, 2019 at 05:00 | #1

    I’ve listened to the AV Rant Podcast for years (as far back dating to Dina as Tom’s co-host). Always love listening to it on my way to work. Been a long time lurker and for the first time ever, I had to throw a comment on this special episode. Just have to say that this is an AMAZING episode and easily one of the best resource for anybody that is willing to dip in the rabbit hole of video archiving. I too have gotten deep into this and have spent a ridiculous amount in acquiring the necessary equipment and tools for it. I second the recommendation of visiting DigitalFAQ to do your research. Read up and ask questions. Just be aware though, if you do join the site and ask questions, have thick skin coz there are a lot of very “passionate” members in that forum that can come off very condescending and curmudgeonly. :). Anyway, Thank you Lee and Rob for putting this together.

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