December 23rd, 2010

Want to know more about the people that make AVRant possible?

    Tom Andry
    Tom assembled a mish-mash of Home Theater equipment which took him through his college years until the he could finally afford to (read: wife let him) upgrade all his equipment. Of course, the next logical step was to begin reviewing products for Audioholics giving him an excuse to stay up late enjoying his new system. MORE >

    Liz Vinci
    When asked if she wanted one of those newfangled iPods to go off to college with, she said no, she’d rather have a new CD/stereo system with good speakers. Which may have been a good decision — the speakers on the stereo WERE decent, for college speakers. On the other hand, what kind of Luddite turns down new technology in favor of the tried and true? This kind, apparently. Then she started dating Will. MORE >

    Clint DeBoer
    Clint’s career has covered nearly the entire realm of audio and video production. After graduating at the top of his class with an Associates Degree in Recording Engineering, Clint began working for Soundelux in 1994, one of the largest post-production companies specializing in audio for feature films & television. Working on a myriad of feature films, Clint developed and honed the skills necessary to discern great sound quality, and design great sound tracks as a dialogue editor, foley editor and sound designer. MORE >

    J. Walker Clarke
    J’s passion for music, which led him to Belmont College (now Belmont University) in Nashville, where he enrolled in the Music Business program and eventually received a communications degree with a focus in broadcasting. During this time his love for music and working with artists led him through a maze of internships that eventually landed him a gig as road manager for Amy Grant on a sold-out tour of arenas all over North America. MORE >

    Gene DellaSala
    Gene DellaSala, founder of Audioholics, has been an audio enthusiast since childhood. His passion for audio increased with age, which lead him to study Electrical Engineering where he earned a B.S.E.E. from the University of South Florida and pursued a career as an Analog Engineer. Before turning Audioholics into a full time career, Gene’s past experiences include working in the technology group as a member of the technical staff for leading edge communications and defense companies designing analogue front ends of DSL modems, POTS Splitters and filters. MORE >


    Dina Clarke
    Dina Clarke had a boom box as a teenager. She has fond memories of listening to the Grease soundtrack on 8-track in middle school and was quite satisfied with the 27 inch television in her parents’ home. Then she married J. MORE >

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