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AV Rant #735: Sorry, 2021, We Take it Back

January 15th, 2021

Another week, another intro of ours that immediately fails the test of time just a couple days after recording it. There won’t be a special second episode this week. Glad we didn’t make any promises!

Our Listeners of the Week are Brian, Julian, Lee, and Dale for their donations, plus our 125 Patreon Patrons, as well as Jaremy, Mario, and David for sending photos to Tom to potentially use on https://avgadgets.com/ . We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from Jack, Terry, Patrick, Brian, Dave, Jason, and Dale. Thanks to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Netflix is leaving the Nintendo Wii U! Can they survive? https://is.gd/llDz6m

– CES 2021

– 0:12:47 Onkyo & Pioneer announced new Receivers: https://is.gd/NkyC4K

– 0:13:20 LG gives QNED MiniLED model numbers: https://is.gd/sX1q2x
– https://avgadgets.com/what-is-a-qned-tv/
– WebOS 6.0 is full screen: https://is.gd/BIPk5g
– And the new Magic Remote has NFC: https://is.gd/8F3n04

– 0:14:32 Samsung’s mini-LED backlit LCDs are called Neo QLED: https://avgadgets.com/samsung-introduces-neo-qled/
– And they’ve got a solar-powered remote: https://avgadgets.com/samsung-announces-solar-powered-remotes/

– 0:15:43 LG G1 Series uses brighter OLED evo panels: https://is.gd/MqSFmq
– New A1 Series OLEDs are cheaper and 60Hz only: https://is.gd/V4oSFN
– Smaller OLEDs are coming: https://is.gd/1tqDuB

– 0:17:27 TCL keeps the 4K R635 Series around, because the new 6-Series is 8K. And they’ve got XL 85″ and OD Zero panels on the way: https://is.gd/PL3xDA

– 0:18:25 Sony A90J Master Series OLED brings extra brightness to a new 83″ size. And they hype up Bravia XR with Cognitive Processor XR: https://is.gd/etwvsH
– 0:20:23 Also, Sony Core is a new, high bitrate streaming service exclusive to Bravia XR TVs: https://is.gd/YY0nvi


– 0:22:12 Andrew L. shared pics of his Enterprise (from Star Trek Discovery) model.

– Jason S. credits his wife for their theater’s looks, thanks us for our analysis, and confirms where absorption panels should go.

0:24:19 David B. asks where to add two more Atmos speakers, and if Monoprice in-ceilings will do.

0:28:54 Mark H. gets our take on where to position his dual subs.

0:32:47 Jack C. wants to upgrade his Main L/R speakers, and asks about digital coaxial cables.
– SVS Ultra: https://is.gd/NyTb9r
– Aperion Verus Grand: https://is.gd/osoicG
– RBH Signature: https://is.gd/GN3Oyo
– Ascend Sierra: https://is.gd/2MbA3d
– Revel: https://is.gd/zJ48vl
– Focal: https://is.gd/oJD8UU

0:40:52 Terry G. has us elaborate on zooming a projector vs. using an anamorphic lens.
– Projector Central: How to Choose the Right Aspect Ratio: https://is.gd/TPkPxE

0:50:29 Dazz asks about lower listening levels after adding an amp, rotating one sub, goosing overheads, Sonance in-ceilings, the Zappiti NAS Rip, and offers comments about seating and the Monoprice 10565 5.1 speakers.
– Zappiti NAS Rip: https://is.gd/ZXGJ9M
– Monoprice 10565 5.1 speakers: https://is.gd/TSIwfj

0:59:18 Patrick P. hears our preference for 1080p Blu-ray vs. 4K HDR streaming, and regular bookshelf vs. computer speakers.

1:03:15 Carlos P. is confused about four subwoofer setup.
– https://avgadgets.com/qotd-do-i-eq-dual-subs-separately/
– Multi-Sub Optimizer: https://is.gd/dOarPe

1:11:50 Clarence wants an acoustically transparent screen for under $1,000.
– https://avgadgets.com/recommended-projection-screens-by-type/
– Elite Screens Aeon AcousticPro UHD: https://is.gd/3chYhU
– SeymourAV Precision Frame: https://is.gd/v8yfH0

1:15:21 Jay A. asks if he should decouple the tops and bottoms of his speaker stands.

1:17:50 Brian Z. asks what we would do with his $4,500 budget to improve both the audio quality and the user experience in his oddly-shaped, multi-purpose room.

1:36:37 Lt. Sulu asks for the best way to expand his 5.1.2 B&W speaker configuration.

1:40:50 Jonathan F. gets our take on streaming aggregator, Struum: https://is.gd/1vHHeK

1:44:30 Dave B. requests hypothetical low end vs. high end, and projector vs. flat panel comparisons.

1:48:29 Julian L. asks about using a single Surround Back, SVS 2000 vs. 2000 Pro, firing normal speakers upward for Atmos, and if he should use ISO Acoustics platforms.
– Quakehold Museum Putty: https://is.gd/PXCHxt

1:54:20 Joe K. asks about the Epson 5050UB vs. JVC’s LX-NZ3 laser DLP, and mounting options for his steeply sloped ceiling.

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