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AV Rant #732: Christmas Games

December 25th, 2020

Merry Christmas!

If you are sending in pictures, and you’d be ok with Tom using them over at https://avgadgets.com/ , please include written permission, or send them directly via email to Tom @ AVRant dot com. Many thanks!

Our Listeners of the Week are Manuel for his PayPal donation, and our 127 Patreon Patrons, including Bertrand, as well as Kevin for talking us up to Accessories4Less and SVS, and Jason for buying Rob Ford v Ferrari on Ultra HD Blu-ray! We also want to thank Paul, Kevin, Gurinder, Bertrand, J.R. & Chris for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:
– Cyberpunk 2077 has been riddled with problems and pulled from the PlayStation Store: https://is.gd/ObktfL

– HBO Max is now on Roku devices: https://is.gd/afuUdI
– And PS5, too: https://is.gd/PYbRAD

– Chromecast with Google TV will get the Apple TV App in early 2021, with Android TV devices to follow: https://is.gd/1R6TdL

– Samsung’s 110-inch microLED TV is $155,000: https://is.gd/bkiEso

– 0:20:29 Via Joe K. – we have confirmation that Denon & Marantz’ DTS:X Pro update includes Front Wide speaker support for Dolby Surround Upmixer, and Upmixer cross-pollination.


– Chris C. shared the results of following our advice.

– Carl & Ilango recommend the CyberPower SL700 slim battery backup UPS (https://is.gd/BP8Ifm) and Tripp Lite UltraBlok compact surge outlet (https://is.gd/7puN60).

0:25:05 Joe K. praises Marantz and JVC for their feature-adding firmware updates, and also the Datacolor SpyderX Pro colorimeter. He painted his ceiling black, and asks how he should acoustically treat his ceiling.
– Datacolor SpyderX: https://is.gd/sDbO0j
– GiK GridFusor: https://is.gd/LuJXQ7

0:38:50 Brendan asks if his Martin Logan Dynamo sub is sufficient, and which SVS sub to pair it with.
– SVS SB-2000 Pro: https://is.gd/5Ko0nJ

0:43:38 Paul T. is trying to decide between Xbox Series X and PS5, so he asks about Dolby Vision & Atmos, controllers, TV settings, VRR & ALLM.

0:58:19 Kevin H. loves everything he bought except his KEF T101 on-wall speakers, so he asks for replacements.
– RBH Ultra-1: https://is.gd/OmO0vi
– Klipsch RP on-walls: https://is.gd/pLqW0s
– Ascend HTM-200SE: https://is.gd/npXANQ

1:03:44 Keith S. has been gaming on a plasma, so he confirms he’ll be ok with an OLED, and he asks which AV Receiver to buy for his 5.1 setup.
– Yamaha RX-V6A: https://is.gd/YRLu5P
– Yamaha TSR-700 Costco version: https://is.gd/ahaGtj

1:07:37 J.R. has had problems with the stereo analogue inputs on two different Denon Receivers, and we actually think it might be because of his RCA cables.
– Blue Jeans RCA cables: https://is.gd/nEnETg

1:13:47 Bertrand asks about track lighting on rails, ceiling acoustic treatments, conduit vs surface-mounted cable runs, TV mounts, battery backup, HVAC, bass traps, Plex, and AirPlay.
– Transdeco 3-in-1 TV stand: https://is.gd/O4flaZ
– APC Back-UPS Pro “Gaming” BR1350MS: https://is.gd/2eeWiB

1:36:05 Manuel T. asks if his brother’s choice of the NAD T778 Receiver is on point.

1:39:44 Andrew L. asks about Zone 2 speaker setup and options.

1:43:34 Shawn W. wants a cheap music streaming device with analogue output.
– Amazon Echo (3rd Gen): https://is.gd/pKY64i

1:47:55 Clara worked with Rob via Twitter to sort through Enhanced HDMI port settings, and NVidia Shield output settings.

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