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AV Rant #729: Hang ‘em on a Stick

December 4th, 2020

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Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Theo – Front Wide support for the Dolby Surround Upmixer was mentioned back in August during a SpareChange interview with Trinnov: https://youtu.be/de7mtHD_m6I?t=3568

– Polk and Def Tech have the first IMAX Enhanced speakers: https://is.gd/UxJbjU


– Bob thinks the Center speaker really is the most important when you have tinnitus or other hearing issues.

0:22:05 Chris T. asks about absorption panels, which fabric to cover them with, what kind of bass traps to make, advice about seat back height, projector choice, 3D glasses, paint color, and using 3 AVRs to create 6 overhead Atmos channels.
– My Fabric Designs Silky Faille: https://is.gd/AFmglh
– Sinitron 3D glasses: https://is.gd/zfIhED
– Elikliv 3D glasses: https://is.gd/QQW3qL
– Samsung 5100 3D glasses: https://is.gd/sN2DiI
– Sherwin-Williams SW 707 Gray paint: https://is.gd/yG9qAf

0:41:37 Nathan W. asks about roll-down screen, projector, in-ceiling speaker, and AV Receiver choices for some friends that are moving to Greece.

0:50:32 Galen C. asks which speakers to try, what size in-ceiling speakers to get and where to position them, and how high the floor level speakers should be.
– SVS speakers: https://is.gd/sXi73Q
– Aperion speakers: https://is.gd/GEiYJC
– Monoprice Alpha 8″ in-ceiling: https://is.gd/ng2Wpg
– Monoprice back cans: https://is.gd/d16o1F

0:56:24 Jairus asks which speaker package to buy, which subwoofers to choose, and ideal dimensions for a future build.

1:06:24 Karl R. wants the best and largest PC monitor.
– Asus Swift 65″: https://is.gd/t2NC5J

1:09:05 Bertrand asks why his iMac won’t output Netflix in 5.1 audio, and what to do about his M-Audio speakers that have their dust caps pushed in.

1:14:56 Scott D. asks if he should get a horizontal Center to go behind his acoustically transparent screen, and whether to pay more for the Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers over the regular Reference Series.

1:18:06 Jack R. asks about screen size and which brand of acoustically transparent screen to get. He has a concern about heater duct placement. He asks about speaker choice. And gets suggestions for an AV Receiver model, battery backup unit, equipment rack, and LED light strips.
– Denon X4500H: https://is.gd/W0HxN6 ; https://is.gd/WHR003
– APC Back-UPS Pro BR1350MS: https://is.gd/indoUO
– Peerless AV AVL Rack: https://is.gd/JacuwR
– Inovelli LED strips: https://is.gd/Lugj6d

1:34:27 Nick B. asks if we agree with the advice to get an acoustically transparent screen material, even if you don’t need it, because solid screen materials will form waves over time in a roll-down case. He asks which in-ceiling speakers to get to match Ascend, which backer box, and why Tom’s LED lights die too quickly.
– Sonance MAG 6R in-ceiling: https://is.gd/9sK41a
– IsoStore QuietBox: https://is.gd/76bDWO

1:43:35 Dane K. asks how much of his room to repaint, and how to handle his white, drop tile ceiling. He asks if any 11-channel AVR can do six overheads, what he should do about his Surround Back speakers, and which Ultra HD Blu-ray player to buy.
– Sony X800M2: https://is.gd/ptiYze

1:55:22 Dalton C. asks which media player to get for video files on a USB stick.
–  NVidia Shield Pro: https://is.gd/klShCn

1:56:55 Mitch R. has us double check GiK’s acoustic treatment advice.

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