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AV Rant #721: Just Say NO to B&W

October 16th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Theo and Alan for their donations, along with our 123 Patreon Patrons, as well as Ken for telling Ascend Acoustics his order of nine HTM-200SE speakers was our recommendation, and DJ for letting APC and SVS know we recommended them. We also want to thank Terry, Jeremy, Ilango, Theo, Nathan, and Bertrand for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Apple held their iPhone 12 event and announced the spherical HomePod Mini: https://is.gd/IZfZeT

– Sony released a teardown video of the PS5 last week: https://youtu.be/CaAY-jAjm0w

– Sony also wrote that the firmware update to add HDMI 2.1 features to their “Ready for PlayStation 5” TVs will arrive between winter 2020 and spring 2021 (but this info is already outdated): https://youtu.be/fBxSs-nJypg

– Marantz released the 11-channel AV7706 Pre-Pro: https://is.gd/8Gnu94

– Pixar’s “Soul” is coming to Disney+ on Christmas instead of theaters: https://is.gd/emPu87

– Netflix Canada prices went up: https://is.gd/0Wr5Ps


– Nathan shared an article about the 3Below Theater in San Jose reopening…on their roof: https://is.gd/bOLmtc

0:24:09 Joe K. asks if he should use his JVC NX5 projector’s frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping, or continue converting HDR to SDR.

0:25:36 Mike P. asks if the JVC NX7 or Samsung UST LSP9T is better.

0:31:34 Andrew J. asks why Dolby Digital signals are defaulting to stereo in his 3.1 setup, and what audio setting to use for his Xbox One S.

0:36:14 Jim B. wants further clarification why a styrofoam cooler might not pass fire safety code if used as an in-ceiling backer box.

0:38:36 Mark H. wants to do something to improve his theater, so he asks about Center speakers, more acoustic treatments, speaker and sub positioning, and requests any other ideas.
– SVS SoundPath Isolation Feet: https://is.gd/50InVU
– Multi-Sub Optimizer Software: https://is.gd/dOarPe
– Plex: https://is.gd/t13Qwy

0:56:50 Terry G. asks about projector lamp cool down, and where to buy replacement lamps.
– Projector Central recommended lamp retailers: https://is.gd/xB5uP5
– Projector Lamp Genie: https://is.gd/7DlZrL

1:03:01 Andrew L. shares his wife’s awesome paintings. Then he asks how to incorporate them into acoustic panels, which HDMI keystone wall plate to use, whether it’s ok to put Paradigm speakers close to a wall, whether to use Audyssey DynamicEQ and/or CinemaEQ, which speakers we think were the highest value ever, and he shares some comments about factory reset and worrying about two rows of seats.
– SpoonFlower fabric printing: https://is.gd/PpONVs
– My Fabric Designs: https://is.gd/z9xvRk
– Monoprice HDMI keystone: https://is.gd/CST4dz

1:18:06 Luke H. asks how to add Surround speakers wirelessly when he doesn’t have pre-outs.
– Amphony Model 1700: https://is.gd/zLOyeD
– Additional Model 1700 Receiver/Amp: https://is.gd/B29Fje

1:20:58 Josh S. asks if an older Integra 30.6 Receiver with only one 18 Gbps HDMI input is a good buy.

1:22:57 Jeremy is worried about picture settings for his Epson TW9400 projector and LG CX OLED.
– Projector Reviews Epson 5050UB settings: https://is.gd/dsxzJa
– RTings LG CX Settings: https://is.gd/VmPM78

1:31:00 Alex Y. wants to know which one or two streaming boxes to buy.
– NVidia Shield “Tube” (2019): https://is.gd/ba1CNe
– Roku Ultra: https://is.gd/Q4FhwX

1:35:07 Theo needs a 4-in/1-out HDMI 2.0 switch.
– Sewell SwitchDeck: https://is.gd/m9MG10
– Kopul 5×1 HDMI Switch: https://is.gd/XHR7MW

1:36:06 Bertrand L. asks about two rows of seating, which speakers to consider, which subwoofers, which Atmos speakers, how much to spend on acoustic panels, and which Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
– SVS Ultra: https://is.gd/NyTb9r
– SVS Prime Elevation: https://is.gd/AJgIoX
– SVS 2000 Pro Subs: https://is.gd/ZjYXEA
– SVS at ElectronicsForLess Canada: https://is.gd/Dhj0Sr
– PSB Speakers: https://is.gd/DpMprd
– Acoustic Panels Canada: https://is.gd/XasjuB
– Panasonic UB820: https://is.gd/hcGRik

1:52:14 Bob asks if he should ignore the pop-up message on his E6 OLED telling him to replace his power board: https://is.gd/35X7YK

1:54:47 Joe K. asks if his SVS PB-2000 Pro subs will have enough output for his new room, and if there’s some way to use two 7-channel AV Receivers together to run a 7.2.4 Atmos configuration.

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