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AV Rant #699: Chef’s Kiss

May 15th, 2020

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Pictures shown in this episode:

Lee Overstreet joins Rob for a second episode this week as we catch up on our backlog of questions.

0:04:01 We start with an update from Lee’s new Subwoofer Life after hearing his initial setup and impressions in AV Rant #695: http://www.avrant.com/av-rant-695-svs-sb-2000-pro-subwoofer-review-with-lee-overstreet/ ; https://youtu.be/JY6TTYe0yxs

In the news:

– YouTube has started using the AV1 codec, and is streaming 8K videos to 2020 LG and Samsung 8K TVs: https://is.gd/CAtlof

0:15:33 Jack R. asks what he would need to do an in-depth calibration on his BenQ HT5550 projector. And he thinks he might have to move his seats farther back, which raises questions about screen size, speaker choice, where to mount his projector, and where to place Atmos in-ceiling speakers.
– Calman Home software: https://is.gd/kvvXYE
– Portrait Displays C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter: https://is.gd/mucAaX
– X-Rite i1 Display OEM: https://is.gd/wkJ1sb
– X-Rite i1Studio Spectrophotometer: https://is.gd/Ugu8dz
– HDFury Intergral2: https://is.gd/oyTQXU
– HDFury Vertex: https://is.gd/hl3XQd

0:37:07 Aras V. asks if amplifiers can impart their own sonic character, whether it’s worth powering Surround speakers with an external amp, and we comment on his notion that he should avoid a 3 or 5-channel amp.
– Monoprice Monolith 3X: https://is.gd/3TZMMn

0:47:08 Ash requests our take on Mark Waldrep’s HD-Audio Challenge II results: https://is.gd/OJ1bvx
– Xiph.org explains how digital audio works: https://xiph.org/video/

0:55:14 Josh S. has seen people complaining about the service at Accessories4Less, so he wants to know if we still recommend them.

0:58:51 Infinite Gary wants to know what Sony’s exit from making movie theater projectors means for cinemas: https://is.gd/9e2w0F . And he wants to know if we think bias lights are an enhancement or a distraction.

1:06:42 Lee Overstreet digs into the nuances of frame rates via streaming service, and the strange tactics syndicated cable channels use to fit in more ads.

1:14:49 Nathan D. noticed some Monster Cable HDMI products at Accessories4Less, and he wants us to point out all their BS.
– The actual meaning of “Ultra High Speed HDMI” Cables: https://is.gd/gFujEJ

1:19:31 Ted M. gets our take on Crutchfield’s SpeakerCompare virtual auditioning online tool: https://is.gd/oaxePA

1:26:35 Carl asks if Audyssey and all other speakers should be turned off when doing a subwoofer crawl.

1:28:58 Brandon W. wants to know if the new HDFury products can convert Dolby Vision to HDR10, convert HDR to SDR, and separate HDMI audio.
– HDFury Diva: https://is.gd/XwFS2e

1:32:21 Heath B. gets a feature comparison of the Marantz SR7013 vs. SR6014.

1:34:56 Kevin T. asks if he can run Audyssey on his Receiver and then view the results in the Audyssey Editor App, if running Audyssey in the app will override his existing settings, and what he can change manually afterwards without having to run Audyssey again.

1:39:32 Ryan finds out why we edit and re-word the questions we receive. He asks if switching to Audyssey Flat removes all the changes he made in the Audyssey Editor App, whether Audyssey needs to be run separately for each source, what the Channel Level Adjust in Denon’s Options menu does, and why there are so many different ways to change speaker levels. Then he asks about Listening Modes and Upmixers. And finishes with a couple of rants about there being too many settings, bad defaults, and wondering if there’s a cult out there demanding that everybody’s theaters all look the same.

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