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AV Rant #698: Zone 2 Space-Time Loop

May 15th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Andrew, Kevin, and Mark for their donations, plus our 111 Patreon Patrons, including Brandon W., as well as Brian F. for telling Outlaw Audio we recommended their OAW4 Wireless Speaker Kit, Daniel W. for sending Tom a Roku, and everyone who sent us notes of gratitude for continuing to do the podcast, including: Daniel, Brandon, Jason, Kevin, and Ryan.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Karl R. – Sonos introduced their first Dolby Atmos product, the $800 Arc Soundbar: https://is.gd/rJ50xH


– Daniel W. sent a note to say our advice to other AV Rant Listeners has helped him make a lot of decisions in his own theater.

– Chris H. discovered his Denon X3400H audio dropout were being caused by his Amazon Echo being paired via Bluetooth and causing the Denon to auto-switch to its Bluetooth input.

0:18:05 Fred C. asks for the best connection path between an Apple TV 4K, Marantz Receiver, and LG GX OLED, and why the highest quality audio and video didn’t work in a plug-and-play fashion. Then we discuss his unusual up-firing Surround speakers, and where we think he should add another speaker pair to make a 5.1.2 Atmos configuration.

0:27:26 Raf R. preferred a single subwoofer position vs. having dual subs across the room from one another, and he wants to know why.

0:32:00 Nick B. wants our thoughts on Mark Henninger’s SVS Prime Elevation review in which he says they sound better than in-ceiling Atmos speakers: https://is.gd/oqByhT . And he asks, isn’t Dolby Vision support necessary if you want to watch streaming HDR content?

0:37:30 Daniel D. wants to know how to retain lossless audio quality when sending music from his phone to a car stereo system.

0:41:22 Tom K. wants to know the pros and cons of 2-way speakers vs. 3-way speakers.

0:46:29 CJ wants to know how applicable CEA 2010 subwoofer measurements are to real world listening, whether the $400 RSL SpeedWoofer 10S can genuinely nearly match the 20 Hz output of the $1000 SVS SB-3000, and whether he can trust manufacturer specs when looking for a sub that can play 16 Hz.
–  HSU VTF-15H MK2: https://is.gd/dA8lYF

0:58:20 Chris T. feels it’s necessary to go over using a ported sub and a sealed sub together one more time, since people keep saying it’s not ok.

1:07:20 Dre finished his theater, but he asks about potentially adding more absorption and bass traps, and whether the Epson 5050UB is still a top projector choice.
– GiK Soffit Trap: https://is.gd/OjVTtX

1:15:52 Mike S. wants to know what absorption panels on the front wall, behind the Front speakers, actually do.

1:19:19 Rick G. asks if Surround speaker trim levels should be increased, since measurement mics are omni-directional, but our ears are not. And he wants a way to combine a stereo audio signal into mono.
– Galaxy Audio RCA Combiner: https://is.gd/nA4Pzn

1:26:41 Reginald D. has Martin Logan Motion Series speakers, and he wants to know if he needs an external amplifier.

1:30:08 Gurinder gets Tom’s coffee preferences, then asks about printed fabric for acoustic panels in Canada, and floorplan software.
– Acoustic Panels Canada Art Panels: https://is.gd/9RLwZ4
– SketchUp: https://www.sketchup.com/

1:35:14 Mitch R. asks for a wireless, outdoor speaker suggestion, and he has us go through some guy’s convoluted reasoning why he thinks Front Left and Right speakers should be run Full Range with any subwoofers set to stereo not mono.
– Sonos Move: https://is.gd/63xma4
– Zagg Braven Bluetooth Speakers: https://is.gd/3BSECp

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