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AV Rant #697: Ostinato Speakers Debut

May 8th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Chris, Neil, Dre, and Michael for their donations, plus our 109 Patreon Patrons, inlcuding Terry G. and Banjamin B., as well as Ash for sending us artwork for our upcoming 700th episode, Daniel W. for sending Tom a Roku, Dre for talking us up to Acoustic Panels Canada, and everyone who’s sent us notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going, including Daniel and Mike.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Karl R. – AMC Theaters said they’d boycott all Universal Pictures movies unless they stick to traditional release windows: https://is.gd/IxupTH
– And Regal Cinemas joined in with a warning to all movie studios: https://is.gd/PiS483


– Terry G. wanted to double check the ethernet bandwidth and length figures Rob stated last week.
– PlanetechUSA blog on ethernet cables: https://is.gd/f0iGJr
– Dong Knows Tech ethernet figures: https://is.gd/4GmFn0

– Benjamin B. passes along an explanation about why Epson Lens Memory isn’t very precise, and a potential way to make it as good as possible.

– Dennis found our podcast via SVS’ questionnaire, so it’s a two-way street!

0:18:30 – Jason Berryhill shares the launch of his speaker company: Ostinato Speakers: https://ostinatospeakers.com/

0:20:42 Gurinder asks if HDR can be BT.709, 8-bit, and gets clarification about YCbCr 4:4:4 settings, plus we discuss side wall absorption.

0:27:34 Jason D. asks about Front Height speaker options, and whether he should angle them.
– Boston Acoustics SoundWare 4.5: https://is.gd/pRIV7O

0:32:38 Neil M. asks if he should buy a second subwoofer that plays louder and lower than his first.

0:39:20 Josh L. wants a compact USB stereo amp with a headphone jack.
– AudioEngine N22: https://is.gd/D0RuiP
– Dayton DAC01 USB DAC: https://is.gd/EdAgFj
– S.M.S.L. AD18: https://is.gd/ny6d8S
– Emotiva TA-100: https://is.gd/rGVsU6

0:47:23 Nathan W. tries to help a friend sort his Samsung NU8000’s HDMI-ARC issue.

0:49:59 Max K. asks what his biggest bang-for-buck upgrade will be, and where he should put acoustic panels.

0:59:52 Brian F. wants his Harmony Elite to automatically turn off his JVC projector, and he asks about using an HDFury Vertex 2 to play Dolby Vision on a projector: https://is.gd/ZkXqKF

1:08:30 Jack R. asks how he should finish his basement ceiling, whether the IsoStore QuietBox is a good backer box, whether his HVAC will make soundproofing pointless, and whether Ascend Sierra speakers will fit behind a false wall.
– IsoStore QuietBox: https://is.gd/76bDWO
– Ascend Sierra Duo: https://is.gd/f2yvjK

1:21:45 Jon wants to know what we think about Omnimount products, and where to begin when it comes to acoustic treatments in his room.

1:30:55 Randy E. asks if he should use SVS Ultra Surrounds or SVS Prime Satellite speakers as Surrounds.

1:32:58 Mike P. straight up asks what we would do if we had his open-concept space to work with.

1:45:08 Mick wants to know if SVS SoundPath Isolation Feet work, and which inexpensive Center speaker to buy in Australia.

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