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AV Rant #696: XBox Borked

May 1st, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Fred for his donation, and our 113 Patreon Patrons, as well as Nathan W. for looking out for Rob’s shared info, Brian F. for mentioning us to Accessories4Less, and everyone who continues to express their gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going, including: Jeremy, Adam, Michael, Ryan, Anthony & Neil. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

AV Rant #695 is our SVS SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer Review with Lee Overstreet: http://www.avrant.com/av-rant-695-svs-sb-2000-pro-subwoofer-review-with-lee-overstreet/

– Video version here: https://youtu.be/JY6TTYe0yxs

Not only do we talk about the subwoofer themselves, but we also delve into Lee’s experience of following our guidance on how to first set up a single subwoofer, and then how to set up dual subwoofers. Plus, it’s a comparison of how things sounded going from no subs, to one sub, to two subs.

In the news:

– Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest reviewed the first Dolby Vision home theater projector, the ChangHong CHiQ A5U 4K DLP Ultra Short Throw Laser: https://youtu.be/KDxzd40gv-4


– Andy S. shared an image of his nine ceiling speakers, where he has used three Dolby Pro Logic processors to derive “voice of god” positions in between the left and right Top Fronts, Top Middles, and Top Rears.

0:14:33 Dennis M. wants to know the best way to connect an old Yamaha Receiver to use as an external amplifier.

0:22:00 Joe T. has restrictions for where in-ceiling Atmos speakers can be installed, so he asks about Paradigm model options, including angled in-ceiling speakers.

0:28:07 Ryan T. has gotten used to Focal Professional’s Shape 65 Studio Monitors, so he asks which home theater speakers to buy, after telling us which ones his wife likes.
– Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2: https://is.gd/CLWFkG

0:36:31 David M. asks whether to buy a Yamaha Aventage or a regular RX-V Series Receiver model.

0:38:10 Ben F. gets clarification about how Receivers select which listening mode is used, and a reminder of how the Movie, Music, Game, and Pure modes differ from each other.

0:44:27 Andrew L. gets us to revisit the Xbox One audio situation.

0:53:52 Infinite Gary prompts a rant about bad room acoustics in otherwise nice listening rooms, and asks what SVS meant when they said downward-firing subs can sometimes sound “boomy”.

1:02:26 RD requests a top performance headphone recommendation, and wants to know how to adjust a headphone EQ.
– HiFiMAN Sundara: https://is.gd/t19gat

1:08:29 Karl R. gets our take on the recent revival of drive-in movie theaters: https://is.gd/j5FWqs

1:12: 16 Jeremy asks if KEF’s Uni-Q drivers are a genuine innovation, why their in-wall speakers are round, whether he should get KEF instead of Klipsch, and whether he needs an external amplifier.

1:24:02 Nick B. asks if he should replace the Cat 5 wiring in his house, has us revisit the strange issues with his region-free Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player, and double checks the advice he got for GiK Acoustics.

1:35:05 Mike S. asks if he should blow up his perfectly-sized setup so that he can try a different Center speaker. Then he asks about AmazonBasics projection screens. And he prompts an important discussion about what sort of performance you should realistically expect from a projector when it comes to black levels.
– AmazonBasics projection screen: https://is.gd/OJpKUL

1:43:34 Adam M. has us revisit his basement home theater plans. We discuss which section of his basement to use, how to size it and lay it out, and what to do about soundproofing.

2:03:53 Lee O. asks why his Yamaha Receiver always labels his Atmos speakers as “Front Presence”.

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