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AV Rant #658: Flour Sack Art Attack

August 30th, 2019

Our Listeners of the Week are our 85 Patreon Patrons, and Tom D. for letting Elite Home Theater Seating and Accessories4Less know that his purchases were thanks to us; and, he also shares the story behind his movie posters that were hand-painted on flour sacks in Ghana.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– KEF added the smaller, sealed Q250c Center to their Q-Series: https://is.gd/LkGU34

– Disney’s D23 event included confirmation that Disney+ will offer 4K, HDR/Dolby Vision, and Atmos: https://is.gd/VS9DG7


– Herb from Cross-Spectrum Labs let us know that sound absorptive plaster does exist, as well as a solution that uses marble over mineral wool.
– Pyrok: http://www.pyrok.com/
– Baswa Phon: https://www.baswana.com/products/baswa-phon

– Aaron C. wanted to warn that Pioneer Kuro plasma monitors don’t handle audio switching.

– Chris M. reminds us to check if our credit cards offer automatic extended warranty coverage.

– Martin D. thinks Dr. Floyd Toole’s 3-part “Designing a Home Theatre” is a great resource: https://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9781138921368/home-theatre.php

0:20:26 Mike S. asks us to prioritize acoustic treatments, and explain what the toggle switch does on his Focal Super Bird speakers.

0:25:18 Justin T. gets our recommendations for on-ceiling Atmos speakers, a way to make the ceiling wires aesthetically pleasing, and exact placement instructions.
– Boston SoundWare 4.5: https://is.gd/pRIV7O
– KEF E301: https://is.gd/H8spJ2
– Sewell Ghost Wire: https://is.gd/Fz1dhQ

0:34:51 Karl R. gets a whole bunch of power protection recommendations, all from APC.
– H15: https://is.gd/gl0mAv
– J15: https://is.gd/MMZbcJ
– J35B: https://is.gd/KVKOAD
– P4V: https://is.gd/JGimFz
– P6WU2: https://is.gd/svBBIL
– P8V: https://is.gd/pIcUW5

0:45:02 Ben F. gets our top in-wall speaker recommendations. And we discuss the difference between using insulation inside vs. outside your walls.
– Monoprice Sycamore: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=35751
– Aperion: https://www.aperionaudio.com/collections/in-wall-in-ceiling-speakers
– HSU: http://hsuresearch.com/products/hiw-1.html
– KEF: https://www.shop.us.kef.com/architectural/in-wall-speakers/rectangle.html
– RBH: https://rbhsound.com/inwall.php

0:52:16 Infinite Gary asks what his neighbor should do with 150 hours of saved TV shows on her DVR when she moves. And we discuss High Def Digest’s “Is 4K a Scam?” article: https://www.highdefdigest.com/news/show/is-4k-a-scam/44625

1:03:43 Carl C. wants slim, inexpensive, on-wall Surrounds.
– Elac Debut 2.0 OW4.2: https://www.elac.com/product/ow4-2/
– Ascend HTM-200SE: http://ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/htm200/htm200.html
– Aperion Intimus 4B: https://www.aperionaudio.com/collections/intimus-speakers/products/intimus-4b-satellite-speaker-pair-stealth-black
– NHT SuperZero: https://www.nhthifi.com/products/10654-superzero-2-1-our-amazing-mini-monitor

1:07:14 Casey P. has us troubleshoot why HDR doesn’t work with his Roku Ultra plugged into his Denon S510BT feeding his Vizio E-Series TV.

1:14:22 Ben F. needs to save space, so we provide speaker suggestions, and explain why we don’t agree with putting two subs both on the front wall.
– RBH Visage VM-Series in-wall Center: https://rbhsound.com/inwall_visage.php
– RBH Impression Elite Front L/R: https://rbhsound.com/r5e.php
– Harman Multiple Subwoofer White Paper: https://www.harman.com/sites/default/files/multsubs_0.pdf

1:25:48 Nick B. has us go over his plans for upgrading a little at a time.

1:31:21 Patrick P. asks what the differences are between the LG B9 and C9 OLED TVs.

1:35:37 Francis A. is willing to consider bookshelf speakers, not just satellites, so we make some suggestions, and recommend some speaker stands, too.
– RBH Impression/Impression Elite: https://rbhsound.com/series_impression.php
– Ascend SE: http://ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/cbm170/cbm170.html
– SVS Prime: https://www.svsound.com/products/prime-bookshelf
– Aperion Intimus: https://www.aperionaudio.com/collections/satellites-bookshelf-speakers/products/intimus-5b-bookshelf-speaker-pair
– HSU: http://hsuresearch.com/products/hb-1.html
– Monoprice Monolith Stands: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=24794
– Sanus Steel: https://is.gd/ADWC8U
– Museum Putty: https://is.gd/ipmtPd

1:42:08 Monty N. gets more discussion about his seating layout, projector vs. flat panel, Surround speaker placement, a TV for the bedroom, electrostatic speakers, and which speakers would be better than his Ascend Sierra-2 and what that would cost.

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