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AV Rant #589: James Damien Unicorn

May 4th, 2018

Special Announcement: Pledge Drive Update!

If you donate to Support AV Rant during the week of May 7 – 14, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $100. And now, James C. has said he would like to match an additional $100! So if we receive a total of $200 (or more) in donations, anonymous will give us $100, and James C. will give us $100, bringing the total to $400 (or more). Thank you!

Our Listeners of the Week are Joshua for his donation, our 58 Patreon Patrons, Damien for selecting the AVRant chechmark box when he registered his dual SVS SB12-NSD subwoofers, Karl M. and John S. for helping Tom’s son with his PC build, and Felipe for letting Monoprice know we recommended them when he pounced on a B stock Monolith 7 amplifier purchase.

In the news, via James Bujold, the first North American installation of a Samsung Cinema LED screen has been completed, bringing with it new mastering and planning considerations. SVS introduced their $90 SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter. And via Jay C., Emotiva is closing out their BasX Series speakers at half price.

0:16:00 Justin B. wants to complete his dedicated theater gear list in his spare bedroom, so we recommend the RBH Impression R-515 Center speaker, a Denon AVR-S530BT or Yamaha RX-V383 AV Receiver, aBenQ HT2050 projector, a Silver Ticket screen, and removing the door of his closet.

0:30:28 Bill L. is installing 5.1.2 Atmos, so we discuss the best placement for his overhead speakers.

0:33:37 Adriano M. asks about the best way to goose his bass output a bit, and why his subwoofer doesn’t seem to make any sound when he uses Stereo listening mode.

0:41:43 Jonathan F. heard a particularly convincing panning effect in The Shape of Water that not only moved side to side, but also down, so he asks how we think that was achieved.

0:47:36 Jeremy W. wants to do a subwoofer crawl, so we point him to Audiocheck.net to get bass sweeps, and let him know that Audyssey should be off while doing the subwoofer crawl.

0:48:38 Brandon N. wants to know if his TV will be limited to HDR10 and 4K at 30 fps if he connects his Epson HC 4000 projector to the same Receiver, and how important 60 fps is for 4K anyway. He also asks if room correction will remove a speaker’s intentional coloration, and whether Seymour AV’s screens are worth the money over Elite Screens.

0:57:43 Robert F. asks about using an NVidia Shield in Australia, as well as how well it works with NAS storage, and whether it will get Atmos output from Netflix, and Dolby Vision support.

1:03:48 Alvin C. asks what we think about Paul McGowan’s take on internal speaker wire.

1:09:08 Chris T. wants to know how to fix a very small misalignment of his projector and screen, and whether his APC J25B battery backup should ever be turned off.

1:12:38 Damien D. gets some ideas on how to raise the height of his Tower speakers, we mention some demo material for panning and circling effects, and we suggest a way to reattach the cardboard port tube inside his Pioneer subwoofer.

1:18:53 Josh L. wants a recessed, in-ceiling, acoustically transparent screen, so our top advice is to build a soffit over a regular screen case if his joists aren’t running the correct direction, or to consider EluneVision AudioWeave 4K In-ceiling. We recommend the JVC DLA-X590R projector mounted close to his back wall. And we assure him that using different external amp channels for two different systems is fine.

1:26:02 Nathan D. found information indicating that some Atmos soundtracks treat all sounds as if they were channels, meaning no speakers beyond 7.1.4 ever make sound, even if you have them installed, so he gets our thoughts on that.

1:31:24 Will A. has an open theater area, but we still think an SVS PC-2000 subwoofer makes sense. We suggest starting with one and possibly adding a second later. And we recommend adding Front Heights to his Top Middle speakers and avoiding a costly in-ceiling speaker upgrade.

1:41:04 Jaremy P. wants to know if we think he should completely replace his all in-wall and in-ceiling 7.2.4 setup with just one pair of full range Towers.

1:53:24 Rob W. gets some demo material suggestions for experiencing full pressurization of a room with bass.

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