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AV Rant #586: Waiting for CEDIA

April 16th, 2018

Our Listeners of the Week are our 58 Patreon Patrons, as well as Heath for talking us up to AV Science and SVS, Ted’s wife for telling Accessories4Less that the Denon AVR-X4400H she bought Ted for his birthday was an AVRant recommendation, Chris for letting Accessories4Less and HSU know we recommended them, Cesar for telling Monoprice his speaker wire purchase was because of us, and Ron, Patrick, and Kris for offering to help Tom’s son with his gaming PC build.

In the news, Larry let us know that Sinemia has launched in Canada, offering a similar discount movie ticket subscription as MoviePass in the States. And Antoine gave us a heads up about the JVC LX-UH1 4K DLP projector for $2,500.

Chris tried the Monoprice 9723 $100 subwoofer, but he was unimpressed. Bob took our advice to move his seats and will upgrade to one of the 5.1 speaker sets we suggested. Noah recommends Monoprice’s projection screens as an inexpensive alternative to Elite Screens. And Joseph shared his photo comparing the sizes of the Focal Little Bird, Focal Bird, and SVS Prime Satellite speakers.

0:20:34 Chris T. asks what difference strictly driver size makes, what are the pros and cons of ported, sealed, and cylinder subwoofers, what are the pros and cons of upmixing content to utilize more speakers, what’s the best way to watch Ultra HD Blu-rays on a 1080p display, and whether the crop of $1,500 4K DLP projectors are worth considering. Then we recommend Blue Jeans Cable for customizable wall plates, explain why NavePoint speaker wire is so inexpensive, figure out the dimensions of a backer box for HSU in-wall speakers, share some opinions on a video about Oswalds Mill Audio, and talk about backing up 3D Blu-rays and playing them on a 2D display.

0:48:08 Jonathan F. gets our thoughts on the Audioholics preview of REL T/i Series subwoofers.

0:54:02 Nick wants to add a second subwoofer to his Sunfire True in a small room, so we think an SVS SB-1000 could suffice, although an SB12-NSD would be our top choice.

0:57:12 Heath B. applied our advice with fantastic results. He saved money with a male electrical inlet rather than a full in-wall power kit. And he asks how to best align his projector’s image using his mount’s adjustments plus the projector’s lens shift.

1:04:30 Adriano M. asks for speaker recommendations in Australia on behalf of a friend, and we think either KEF or Jamo would fit the bill.

1:10:07 Brock R. wants to know if he should return the Oppo UDP-203 he just bought, and we point to Acoustical Solutions Signature Sound Barrier Ceiling Tile as an example of drop ceiling tiles with an STC rating for soundproofing.

1:15:17 Josh S. gets our thoughts on Rtings long-term OLED burn-in test, and we speculate about future 77-inch OLED pricing.

1:23:54 Ted M. asks if there’s such as thing as a reference waterfall graph for audio decay times.

1:27:32 Bob G. gets us to make a single choice for three Front speakers for $1,500. Rob picks Aperion Verus II Grand bookshelf pair and Center, while Tom agrees, but offers three RBH R-515E Impression Elite as an alternative.

1:31:13 Infinite Gary gets clarification about Surround Back speaker placement and toe-in. Then we discuss dynamic range compression of music in movie soundtracks, and what sorts of differences you might hear if a cable is of very poor quality.

1:36:28 Jeremy P. gets our honest recommendation for a cheap anamorphic lens and video processor for use with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio screen.

1:40:56 Jeff G. gets our thoughts on whether to wait or buy a 4K HDR-compatible projector now, and we recommend the new TCL 6-Series for a relatively inexpensive 65-inch 4K HDR flat panel.

1:47:57 Jeremy W. gets our general feedback about the positioning and setup of his home theater, and the gear he’s purchased. The one thing we agree could benefit from an upgrade is his subwoofer.

1:54:08 Cesar R. gets our recommendation for Outdoor Speaker Depot MK650 in-ceiling speakers for his low ceiling.

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