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AV Rant #581: OVC H15 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

March 9th, 2018

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0:04:03 Tom reviews the OVC H15 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones.

In the news, ELAC introduced a new Debut 2.0 Series of affordable speakers designed by Andrew Jones.

Greg P. was inspired by Rob to buy a refurbished LG OLED TV, and now he wants a second one. And Jonathan F. reminds us to read the fine print, as he discovered the 10% off coupon sent to him by Best Buy excludes almost everything they sell.

0:18:22 Mike M. wants to retain 4K HDR and lossless audio from his MKV files, which the NVidia Shield can do, but it does not automatically switch back to SDR color, so he wonders if there’s a fix.

0:22:44 Jeremy K. gets our help planning his screen size, speaker configuration , and wiring for the bonus room above his garage.

0:33:31 Dan W. wants to upgrade something in his theater, so we discuss expanding to Atmos by adding Focal Little Bird speakers on his ceiling, planning for dual subwoofers, and adding acoustic treatment to his room.

0:43:15 Steve moved his upward-firing Dolby Atmos Modules so that they’re physically overhead, and he wants to be sure it’s ok to use Atmos Modules this way.

0:45:02 Christian S. started taking measurements, but discovered how tedious the process can be. We mention possibly using the Multi-Sub Optimizer software and talk about improving his mic stand. We also answer his other questions about broadcast quality cables like Blue Jeans Cable, and what to upgrade next in his theater.

0:55:15 Jack R. needs a drywall ceiling in his basement, so we suggest using Dynamat Dynabox backer boxes for his in-ceiling speakers, and super thin LED ceiling lighting so that he can avoid needing backer boxes for lights.

1:02:34 Bobby M. wants to make sure we still recommend Outdoor Speaker Depot in-ceiling speakers, even though he might only have one pair while all the rest of his speakers are Klipsch.

1:06:09 Wesley M. wants to upgrade his Polk speakers in a small room, so we suggest he audition SVS Prime, Aperion Audio Intimus, NHT SuperZero, Focal Bird, and HSU HB-1 speakers.

1:09:51 Earle B. wants a big subwoofer upgrade for his 4,000 cubic foot space, and we think dual SVS SB-4000 will be the perfect fit.

1:13:31 Karl R. gets our thoughts on the THX Spatial Audio Platform.

1:16:39 Shane lives in New Zealand, and he’s finding it difficult to buy DIY absorption panel supplies. He asks about Autex Quietspace panels, but we figure it must be possible to get rock wool insulation somewhere local.

1:20:44 Mark M. wants a small, inexpensive TV, and we think the TCL 32S305 remains a top value choice.

1:23:09 Infinite Gary gets our thoughts on a Stereophile video tour of the PS Audio factory, what’s best when it comes to ceiling height, Emotiva’s claimed launch date for their RMC-1 Processor as covered by AV Forums and Audioholics, and whether you need a laptop to use Dirac Live room correction.

1:31:43 Cory wants to add a second subwoofer to his DIY sub, and we think the Monoprice Monolith 12″ strikes the perfect match for size, price, and output.

1:36:09 Ed wants a less expensive subwoofer to pair with his SVS PC-2000, so we first say to talk to SVS, and also mention the HSU VTF-2 Mk.5 as a candidate. Then we talk a bit about speaker sensitivity, how much we tinker with our home theaters, and whether we’d like a dedicated 2-channel setup with vintage gear.

1:44:33 Lance K. has a finished room with seating and electronics, but he needs speakers, a screen, and a projector. We recommend: adding KEF Q Series, and NHT C Series to his audition list, GiK Acoustics free standing panels for his floor to ceiling windows, a 142″ 2.35:1 Silver Ticket screen, and a JVC DLA-X590R projector.

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