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AV Rant #472: Importance of Screen Size

February 11th, 2016

Our Listener of the Week is Gaylen for his generous donation. We also thank David for getting Tom so hyped for Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance over on Facebook! In the News, Philips’ 8600 Series UHD TVs with Dolby Vision and HDR10 will launch in July at affordable prices. Let’s hope the picture quality matches their impressive feature set. Dolby’s website might have let it slip that LG’s Super UHD LCDs and TVs from Sony will be getting Dolby Vision. Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player went on sale a month early. And people have discovered several issues with the DTS:X firmware update for Denon & Marantz Receivers. Cliff Heyne heard Tyler’s pleas for in-wall subwoofer recommendations and helped out big time with an installation video for the RBH SI-1010 in-ceiling/in-floor subwoofer. Karl R. has fond memories of THX, Dolby, and DTS logo trailers that play before movies at the theater, and he found the mythical “DTS Water Drop“. And we readdress why setting speakers to “Large” is never a good idea.

Chris T. has updated his theater build plans, but wants to double check how far apart all of his speakers should be and whether bi-pole/di-pole Surrounds are a good idea. Michael R. replaced his Android TV box with an NVidia Shield TV, and has a couple of questions about Kodi and Google Play content. Zach R. found that solidifying his choice of a 150-inch 16:9 acoustically transparent screen from Silver Ticket allowed the rest of his plans to fall into place with just a few last soundproofing concerns in his down-to-the-studs theater build. James B. wants to know our current top TV brand recommendations. And Jonathan F. read an article calling “expanded movie universes” a “bubble”, and he also wants to know why we say to “go out and listen to something” when we’re all about home theater!

Robert F. wants to know the best way to set up his DVD-Audio player. Mark A. bought an inexpensive Lux meter and wants to know how to use it to figure out his foot-lamberts and screen gain. Scott B. wants to know if recording studio-style sliding glass doors are the real deal. And Infinite Gary gets our recommendations for a mic stand with a boom plus a camera adapter to hold his setup microphone. We also rant big time about a HiFi+ Guide to Cables that will give us nightmares for weeks to come. And we talk a bit about Center speaker tilt and what to listen for.

HDAudioNut left us a comment here on AVRant.com to decry the lack of lossless and immersive audio options for streaming and downloadable UHD content. Andy has a very nice 5.1 speaker setup and a case of upgraditis. He’s considering Klipsch RP-140SA Atmos Modules, but notice how his system is 5.1? You get one guess as to what we suggest more highly. And Lastly, Jason P. has a great question about setting speaker trim levels and why we’re looking for 75dB on an SPL meter.

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