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AV Rant #191: Overboard

July 30th, 2010 15 comments

Leif and Rob are back once more and we go totally overboard! Leif talks Hulu
Plus. Rob talks Playstation Plus. Local storage vs. Cloud storage – what’s
better? Can we get rid of local TV affiliates… please? Why? Because they’re
as outdated as movie theaters and newspapers! Alexandre has a burned-in
Kuro. Rob weighs in. Let’s build a front projection home theater room! Check
the links below for some recommended products. “Rental Only” discs suck! So
do unskippable trailers. But we love bad movies, so long as they make good
demo discs!

Thanks so much, once again, to Tom, Dina and Clint. Please post your
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Netflix 2.0 on Xbox LIVE

August 10th, 2009 4 comments

Netflix seems to be updating its interface on the new Xbox LIVE update coming tomorrow. Why I think this is significant is that it finally adds the ability to browse titles and add them to your queue sans PC… Currently, you have to leave the Xbox 360, pull up your desktop/laptop and add new titles to your queue. The Netflix interface on all current BD players, televisions and the Xbox 360 only allow you to watch the current queue. Read more…

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