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AVRant #502.9 – Michael – HTPC Frustrations

September 15th, 2016 Comments off

Michael R. sorts through some more HTPC audio woes, and we point him to CinemaNow Canada for new release rentals.


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Plex HTPC HD Audio Video Tutorial

August 15th, 2016 8 comments

PrintOne of our awesome AV Rant Podcast Listeners requested a bit of a step-by-step tutorial on getting full, lossless HD Audio and Immersive Audio bitstreams from an HTPC to an AV Receiver, as well as how to play physical Blu-ray discs in full quality from a PC, and how to set up a nice media library using Plex.

Rob H. decided to take a stab at putting together a simplistic slideshow presentation and posted it to YouTube. It’s not exactly great production values, but some folks might find a few useful tidbits of information in there, so we hope you enjoy it!