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AV Rant #685: Interview with Alan Hutchinson from HTMarket

February 26th, 2020 No comments

Today we have an interview with Alan Hutchinson, the owner of HTMarket:

We hear about the origins of HTMarket and Alan’s love of home theater (including the details of his personal home theater today). Then we deep dive into HTMarket’s HT Design Quick Ship Home Theater Seating: 

how HT Design Seating began, and where it’s manufactured;

how they manage to offer their seats at such competitive prices, and why other brands can’t;

how the model lineup came to be, and where the names came from;

what configurations, controls, features, and accessories are available;

installation, finding the right fit, and figuring out how many seats you can fit in your room;

viewing distance and considering acoustics;

seating risers and seating height;

warranty and ongoing customer support;

identifying value and caring for the longevity of your seating.

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