AV Rant #616: Lofty Home Theater

November 9th, 2018 No comments

Our Listeners of the Week are Paul and Gregory for their donations, our 73 Patreon Patrons, Terry G. for talking us up to Projector People during his JVC RS540 purchase, Patrick S. for keeping on top of our Google Music feed, Tue for fixing our website (fingers crossed), and Lee Overstreet for guest co-hosting last week!

In the news, Rob H. was a guest on the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast last week where we talked about Red Dead Redemption 2 faking HDRLG Display confirmed they will make 8K OLEDs next year. And Netflix wants their movies to be eligible for awards, so they’re going to have theatrical runs before they’re available to stream.

Jonathan F. recommends Room EQ Wizard’s help files to learn more about minimum phase systems. And Nathan D. shares his rant about trying to watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio. Read more…


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AV Rant #615: Take Two

November 2nd, 2018 No comments

Our Listeners of the Week are our 75 Patreon Patrons, and Infinite Gary for letting Blue Jeans Cable know we often recommend their products when he bought some speaker wire from them.

Tom is away this week, so Rob H. is joined by guest co-host Lee Overstreet.

In the news, independent film streaming service FilmStruck is shutting down, and Criterion says they hope to find an alternative way to keep the Criterion Channel online. Sony announced all 20 games for the PlayStation Classic. And Rob was a guest on the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast this week to talk about Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, HDR, and the HDR Gaming Interest Group.

Infinite Gary recommends Dolby’s Conversations with Sound Artists Podcast. And Andy recommends the $30 Acoustic Audio AA321W cube speakers as an inexpensive Atmos speaker option. Read more…


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AV Rant #614: Is Dolby Vision a Big Deal?

October 26th, 2018 No comments

Our Listeners of the Week are Lemuel and Chad for their donations, our 74 Patreon Patrons, and Lemuel (again) for letting Accessories4Less know his Focal Little Bird and Super Bird speaker purchase was our recommendation.

In the news, Vizio, TCL, and LG responded to the current state of Dolby Vision on the Xbox One S & X.

Damien D. and Jackson L. let us know how the Apple TV 4K responds to being plugged into multiple displays, and what its Netflix interface is like compared to older Apple TV models. Read more…


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AV Rant #613: Stacking Small Subs

October 19th, 2018 No comments

Our Listeners of the Week are Brannon for his donation, our 73 Patreon Patrons, and Shawn W. for letting RBH know his Impression Series R-515 Center speaker purchase was because of our recommendation.

In the news, the first IMAX Enhanced Ultra HD Blu-ray titles have been announced, and they’re also the first HDR10+ discs.

Nick B. recommends the headphone DAC and amp reviews from Audio Science Review Forum. Bobby M. sent us a very nice thank you note. And PJ let us know that Denon replaced his malfunctioning X2200W Receiver with a B-stock X2400H.

0:15:41 Jerrod K. wants to maximize his audio quality, so he asks about potentially adding more room treatments, making changes to his speakers, and what he can do using dual subwoofers, a miniDSP 2×4, and the Multi-Sub Optimization Software to get the best bass performance possible.

0:40:04 Brandon N. surprised his wife with an Epson 4000 projector and Seymour AV Center Stage UF screen. He asks about connecting a projector and a flat panel to his AV Receiver at the same time, getting his Apple TV to play nice with both displays, corrects Rob’s statement about the new Epson 4010 supporting 4K60 (it only supports 4K24), and gets a recommendation for a 50-foot Series-3 Blue Jeans Cable active HDMI cable.

0:51:08 Andrew T. installed Philips Hue lighting, and now he wants more home automation. We suggest a Harmony Hub and Lutron Serena shades, and highly recommend the Home: On Podcast for more home automation advice. Then Rob obliges Andrews gear lust with a $25K shopping list, including: HT Design seatsJVC DLA-X790 projector, Seymour AV screenDenon AVR-X8500H Receiver, dual SVS PC-4000 subwoofers, and Ascend Acoustics and Focal Bird speakers.

0:57:25 Tom N. has a tiny space available for a subwoofer, so our only recommendation is the JL Audio Dominion D108. Then we recommend he stick to using a white projection screen, but we talk about ambient light rejecting screens, too, including the EluneVision Aurora.

1:13:13 Nick B. and Todd J. ask about the best external streaming box in light of Xbox One S/X getting (limited) Dolby Vision support.

1:17:37 Abhue F. asks about HD DVD deep color, daisy-chaining Surround speakers, and our go-to movie for showing off our displays.

1:24:20 Ken B. wonders if the new Denon X3500H is worth paying extra over the X3400H, and he wants to know if having a TV that supports HDR10+ requires an HDR10+ Ultra HD Blu-ray player. We also suggest a Rent4K.com subscription for getting Ultra HD Blu-ray discs by mail.

1:29:50 sea R pea and Jonathan F. both ask why there isn’t some way to calibrate your desired quietest and loudest volume levels ahead of time so that you never have to adjust the volume during playback. Then we answer what happens when you play Atmos without any overhead speakers, and why we don’t do more interviews.


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AV Rant #612: THX Certified Podcast

October 12th, 2018 No comments

Our Listeners of the Week are Thomas and Kenneth for their donations, as well as our 72 Patreon Patrons.

In the news, SVS launched their Prime Wireless products, including the $600/pair Prime Wireless Speakers and $500 Prime Wireless SoundBase. And Microsoft announced their $350 wireless, active noise-cancelling Surface Headphones to compete with the current top pick: Sony’s WH-1000XM3.

Older Marantz AV Receiver and Processor models have now received their Dolby Vision and HLG firmware update. And if you catch this before Oct 12, 2018, there’s a Massdrop on Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 speakers for $1,250/pair. Read more…


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