AV Rant #426: We Like Mike

April 1st, 2015 No comments

This week our listeners of the week are Craig for his Twitter skills and John and Henry for their donations. Thanks guys! Ray turned us on to an update (of sorts) from DTS about their new object-based decoding system (more news to come…or so they say). Michael had a couple of questions that took us a long time to answer. He wanted to know what the differences between the room correction systems offered by the major manufacturers plus all the new “immersive sound” formats that are just hitting the market. He is also looking to upgrade his receiver but we have some bad news for him. Krish is looking for speaker upgrades (LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, and LINK), Fred has a click-bait article from CE-Pro that he liked (LINK), and Gary is desperately trying to figure out if the expanded color gamut on his projector will do him any good when HDMI 2.0 comes out. James corrected us about the definition of “full range” speakers (LINK), Jonathan presents us with another controversial topic (LINK), and Don wants some advice for his music-only system. Lastly, Eliezer sent us a link to an article that we wholeheartedly agree with (LINK).

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AV Rant #425: Exterminate!

March 26th, 2015 No comments

This week we thank Fred as our listener of the week! Thanks Fred! Abel gets some help from Jeb, Rob has a couple more suggestions for John (LINK and LINK), we follow up with Everett, and Rob makes a prediction for Andrew. Nathan wants to know about LUX, Infinite Gary has some more questions about HDCP 2.2, and Buddy is looking for a preamp and amplifier for the speakers he’s planning on buying (LINK). John got a new receiver and is wondering why it sounds so much different than his last one, Richard loves Parts Express and their sub kits (LINK and LINK), and Jonathan weighs in on Net Neutrality (LINK and LINK). Bryce had a perplexing HTPC issue, Camereon wants our opinion on the blatant Bob Moore rip-off (maybe not) Powers on Sony (LINK), and Andrew wants our take on single driver speakers (LINK). James has finalized his open-baffle speaker kits, Jeff is curious if the SVS Ultra Towers will provide enough bass, Jose is loving his new HSU sub, and Ron is currently setting up his pair of SVS PC13-Ultra cylinder subs. Can’t wait to hear your report Ron!

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AV Rant #424: Ping Pong Theater

March 18th, 2015 No comments

Ha! Early podcast…doesn’t make up for last week’s late one. Oh well. This week we thank Bryce as our listener of the week. Tom also has a very important announcement about the future of AV Rant. Lee fills in this week as Rob is out on vacation. Mike wonders why he should bother following us on Twitter and James has some subwoofer questions about placement, crawling, and why some industry “professionals” disagree on so many things. Abel wants better sound quality and doesn’t know if he should upgrade his speakers or sub, John needs some new recommendations for front speakers (might have to wait until next week for this one), and Everett needs simple instructions on video settings. Andrew wants to know if we see receivers being a thing in the future or will smaller, easier to operate devices take their place (LINK) and Ed has some speakers he’d like to use but an issue with wires (LINK) plus a subwoofer question (LINK).

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AV Rant #423: Subwoofer Tsunami

March 17th, 2015 No comments

Wow. Tom totally thought he posted this podcast. Whoops. Our listeners of the week are Kris and Jayson. Thanks guys! We had to pay domain fees this week and we renewed for 5 YEARS! Your support (and others) made that possible. To start off with, we discuss this article from The New Yorker (with additional information HERE and HERE) at Jonathan and Dan’s request. Greg needs subwoofer placement help and some advice about which service to get for an iOS remote. Niklas lets us know that we forgot his question about how to make his system sound larger, Jonathan weighs in on Net Neutrality, and Eliezer and Efrain have some more headphone suggestions for David (LINK and LINK) plus they wanted to help out Jay from last week about the new Led Zeppelin remasters (LINK and LINK). Nelson has a recommendation for Jared from last week about a center channel (LINK), Kris is confused by some sub placement advice from HSU, and Infinite Gary is concerned about projector calibration. Byron updates us on his Sharp repair saga, Jordan has updated his surrounds and wants to know if a subwoofer upgrade (from an 8″ sub no less) will be noticeable, and Mike wants to know what “pressurizing a room” really means.

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AV Rant #422: Moist

March 9th, 2015 No comments

This week we had an overwhelming amount of support from listeners. Thanks so much Jared, Jordan, Eliezer, David, Monty, Wade, Margaret, Mike, Jeff, E. Don, Paul, and the folks at Tervo Tek. We couldn’t do this podcast without you. Jared as a center channel question, Jordan wants to know if surround speakers need to timbre match the other speakers, and Bill is looking for an upgrade with a $200-$300 budget. Scott “upgraded” his speakers by buying cheaper ones and is worried about hitting reference volume and he’s also curious about storing different Audyssey settings.  Eliezer has a correction (LINK) and another vote for Oppo as a great upscaling player, Jared has a question about the high-rez surround formats (DTS-HD, TrueHD) versus their standard counterparts (DTS, Dolby Surround) along with a subwoofer question, and David linked us up to a video about Room EQ Wizard (LINK) and wants to know what we think of DarbeeVision (LINK). Jonathan chimes in more than once on the podcast but mostly he just let Rob know what First-Sale Doctrine was (LINK), Jared wants to know why anyone would buy towers (LINK), and James is curious about time alignment and subs sending us a link that…well, it really doesn’t make much sense (LINK). David is looking for some headphones for his 2-year-old (LINK), Mike has a near-field question, and Michael has a volume question. We didn’t help Kris last week so we try again, Jay is looking for some comments on the new Led Zeppelin Remasters (LINK), and Tom complains incessantly about being hot.

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