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AV Rant #600: No NAD!!!

Our Listeners of the Week are Andrew for his donation, as well as our 61 Patreon Patrons, and Kris Petrin once again for providing the Insteon Hub for last week’s giveaway, and now offering to help on Twitter – @KrisPetrin – with anything Xbox, Windows, or Insteon-related.

In the news, Xbox One S/X will be getting Dolby Vision support, however, only Netflix is for certain. And LG Display received approval from both South Korea and China to build their new OLED production facility, which means they’ll be able to double panel production in 2019 and almost certainly lower prices on OLED TVs as a result.

Andrew T. recommends checking if your HDMI wall plates for in-wall HDMI cables are fully High Speed compliant, since they might be a bandwidth bottleneck instead of the cable itself. And Richard I. corrected us that the NAD T 758 v3 Receiver got Dolby Vision pass-through support three months ago.

0:17:27 Infinite Gary asks about different audio codecs and listening modes, gets our input on the placement of his new acoustic panels, and gets our thoughts on how a new setup might make us reevaluate previous setups.

0:32:42 Damien D. wants our recommendation for HDMI cables, so we suggest Blue Jeans Cable or Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed.

0:33:45 Christian S. wants to know if the Dayton SUB-1500 subwoofer rivals the SVS PB-1000 for several hundred dollars less.

0:41:55 Patrick P. wonders what the term “generations” means when it’s used to describe and LCD or OLED manufacturing plant as mentioned in an HD Guru article talking about Gen 10.5 & 11.

0:45:03 Terry G. gets our recommendation for the Tripp Lite AVR900U Battery Backup UPS to sit on a shelf next to his new projector. Or installing an electrical inlet to run in-wall electrical wire back to an APC J Type Battery Backup.

0:51:08 Chris T. has a choice between two used 3D TVs, so we weigh in on which one we think he should buy, and how much money he should offer.

0:54:36 Anonymous has discovered that Dolby Vision Ultra HD Blu-ray discs cannot be output at a resolution lower than 1080p from Dolby Vision players, so we talk about possible workarounds.

0:59:33 Steven S. replaced the lamp in his Epson 8350 projector. He saw vertical banding that wasn’t there before once the new lamp was installed, but it went away after a couple of weeks. He’d like to know how and why. And then we suggest putting his $3,000 display budget towards a JVC RS420 instead of a flat panel.

1:07:26 Andrew T. has a Denon S720W Receiver that is going into protection mode, and we have a simple fix for him.

1:10:27 Bob B. asks what the difference is between the Optoma HD143X and EH336 projector models, and we explain what their different lamp modes do.

1:19:33 Mike F. gets our recommendation for an LG 65UK7700 4K HDR TV to give him wide viewing angles with its IPS panel in his well-lit room for under $1,000. Then we talk about the value of his Onkyo TX-NR787 Receiver and what’s different about AccuEQ Advanced, as well as THX Listening Modes and Dolby Loudness Management.

1:33:40 Ken M. wants the cheapest AV Receiver that offers decent auto-setup to power a 3.1 setup, so we suggest the Yamaha RX-V383 from Acessories4Less.

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