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I need a good room… for videos

September 28th, 2007

Being a reviewer means, apparently to my wife’s chagrin, never having to vacuum. I have so much stuff lying around my theater room floor and office that it’s hard to realize I have more than the 4 square feet allocated to me by my chair. Now, this isn’t necessarily a big deal, except that I want to start shooting more videos. Video First Looks we call them – and they allow us to post quick info on new products that show off interesting features. It’s a cool concept, but now I have to set up a mini studio – and that’s a big project.

There’s also the idea that we want to continue our Do-It-Yourself video series (see an example here) and that means we need solid locations for performing the videos. We may head back to my parents-in-law’s home. It has a wide open living area where the theater is located – something that I don’t have in my own home. Gene would love for us all to travel to his house, but it’s just not going to happen – too far and his room is rather narrow and dim – two things you don’t want for videos either.

I think we may go back to the same location we used for the surround speakers – it worked before. Bright, open, airy. It’s easy to get to and works well for the videos… Now I just have to tell them that we’re thinking of using their house again… lol. Hey, at least I’m done with attic jobs – at least until I shoot the segment on installing a home theater projector mount from the attic. That one will be very hot, cramped and sweaty. Eric our videographer will just love me.

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