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Don’t Know What You Got Til Its Gone

September 26th, 2007

Yes, it’s a famous “ballad” by a screechy, overly made-up girly-looking 80’s hair band, but it’s also the way I feel now that Tom has been out of reach for several long weeks… What’s that? It’s only been a week and a half…? Well, whatever, it feels like it’s been a lot longer. Tom takes care of loads of “crap” work – we shovel it to him, he puts on some gloves and molds it into something useful. Now I’m shoveling my own crap and it stinks. Oh yeah, and we posted the CEDIA video today.

We’re gearing up for the party and I’ve taken on some ambitious projects like structuring a podcast, getting the signs done (apparently getting a job at Kinkos in the Tampa area simply requires that you not be too drunk at time of application since they DEFINITELY don’t know anything about printing.) Gene and Tica wasted over a week as near as I can tell getting signs made for the CE Event. End result is the employees were incompetent (had no idea what a “vector” image was) so I told Gene to cancel the order. Hehe, it was a $800+ order and they had run half of it… After 3 tries and endless emails the signs were still blurred and not to resolution – so I have ZERO guilt.

It made us feel tons better when I got the job done in exactly 2 hours at my local Kinkos and at roughly half the cost. My guys knew what vector art was. Amazing what hiring the right people can do for your business – I’ll file that away somewhere.

Today was official “Oh my gosh we got the videos working!” Day. In case you haven’t been over to Audioholics today, scoot over and check out the new videos. I have more to post, but I figured I’d save some for tomorrow. My summary of the CEDIA Coverage Video: We show you some cool products, make some jokes, and Dina verbally beats the snot out of Tom the whole time. Good stuff. I make a guest appearance as does Gene and J. It’s cut as a real show and runs around 40 minutes total. Don’t be scared – it’s funny as heck and not a bunch of run-on interviews.

Speaking of interviews – I hate them. If you ever see me do an interview or post one – I was forced and it was likely paid for. Manufacturers, with a few exceptions like the dude at Boston Acoustics, are extremely boring and typically just repeat stuff over and over that is neither profound nor revelatory. Interviews are easy to film and post. If we did do interviews there would be almost no video editing and I bet most of our video coverage would be up the same days as the show. Instead, we opt for a more produced piece… Downside: it takes us a week to get it edited, prepped and posted. I’ll try to get that time down (and this time we hit some snags in the way that the site functioned which delayed us two more weeks).

Summary to this train of thought: 1) Miss Tom, Tampa Kinkos hires drunk winos, 3) Dina kicks his butt on camera, 4) Go watch it.

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  1. September 26th, 2007 at 20:28 | #1

    All this talk of Tom gone. I’m getting a little misty…..

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