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AV Rant #447: Rooms

August 28th, 2015 No comments

Think you are the only one that runs into weird problems with your system? Tom reveals the random problem he had that had him digging behind his receiver last weekend. In the news, Yamaha announced “MusicCast”, their version of Sonos or Heos (LINK and LINK) and the first Atmos soundbar (LINK and LINK), Pioneer upgrades their Andrew Jones speakers to Atmos (LINK, LINK, and LINK), and Harmony is trying to control your front door (LINK). Sean needs help picking subs and surround back speakers, Michael needs help placing his gear in his room, and Darren is building an Atmos theater and has questions about speaker placement and choice. Larry wants to know where to place a second sub, which receiver to buy (LINK), and what we think of ripping CDs to a USB key. Ken has neighbors and wants to know if he can add a sub and not have the sound travel through the wall, he is wondering if his surrounds could be better placed, has a question of Green Glue, and wants a cool nickname. Tommy is wondering if he’ll hear or see the difference if he upgrades his receiver, Tom needs help placing and choosing subs (LINK), and Scott has a recommendation for Tom (LINK), thoughts on the Revel M12 speakers, needs new subs, reviews the Auralex Great GRAMMA, had a problem with an APC, has questions about electricity, is looking for a rack (LINK and LINK), and lastly is looking for a streaming device that will stream full bandwidth MKV files (along with Atmos and DTS:X) (LINK and LINK). “Ping Pong Theater” Ed wants to know more about object-based audio, Jefferson is looking for a projection screen (LINK and LINK), and Stephen is concerned about matching pre-out voltage to amp input (LINK).

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AV Rant #446: Charity Wood Speaker Wires

August 24th, 2015 No comments

This week, we thank Karl and Tom for their donations, and Brian and Jonathan for their support. You all are our Listeners of the Week! Thanks! In the news – Star Wars Land (LINK). Jerry is looking for a future-proof receiver (LINK and LINK) while Infinite Gary has some thoughts on HDR (LINK and LINK), speaker wire (LINK, LINK, and LINK), and Aperion Audio. Jonathan is getting a new home and has two rooms to choose from for a home theater. He needs help picking the right room and right gear (LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, and LINK), Bryon is looking for a non-SVS sub recommendation (LINK), and Justin is looking for some upgrade recommendations (LINK and LINK). John has some Atmos questions, Brian has a surround speaker inquiry, and Steven is dealing with a hardwood floor (LINK). Karl is looking for sub recommendations and placement advice, K. Reid is looking for Atmos speakers (LINK), and Mark is interested in our thoughts on LSTN Sound (LINK).

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AV Rant #445: Atmos Illuminati

August 15th, 2015 No comments

Don is our listener of the week. He bought a pair of SVS SB-2000s and told SVS he bought them because of AVRant. In the news: BenQ releases a curved monitor (LINK), XBox One will become a DVR (LINK and LINK), the UltraHD Blu-ray Standard is finalized (LINK), Vidity is real (LINK), and SuperMHL promises everything over USB Type-C (LINK). Mark is looking for a center channel (LINK) and maybe some Atmos ceiling speakers (LINK and LINK), Jim has a question about “business class” projectors and how surround modes work, and Barney has some thoughts on making a 7×9 room sound great, information about an Oppo UHD player, some information on Atmos (LINK) and UltraHD Blu-ray (LINK), and wants to know if there is a higher-end separate coming out with immersive audio (LINK). John needs subwoofer placement help, Efrain is looking for a TV for his in-laws, and Jonathan is interested in the future of audio if VR is to be a thing (LINK and LINK). Jay sent us a “review” of Klipsch atmos-enabled speakers (LINK), Jaremy is second guessing his amp purchase, and Bill shared this photo:

Two Subwoofers

Bob has all Sony gear but is looking for a new receiver that will work with Sony’s version of CEC, Kris sent a link to a Kickstarter for “The World’s Lightest Headphone Amplifier” (LINK), and Don sent a link to a Pizza Box Projector (LINK). Marcel sent us an update, Ashley found a setup video for the PS3 and wants our feedback (LINK), and Jerry is looking for a new “future-proof” receiver (LINK).

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A Guide for “Future Proof”, “Bang for Buck” AV Receivers

August 14th, 2015 No comments

Shopping for an AV Receiver or Pre-amp/Processor can be confusing. There are so many features, it can be difficult to sort through all of the details and keep it all straight!

Last week, I posted a write up on The Current State of DTS:X and Atmos Receivers. That editorial focused largely on models capable of using 9 or 11 speakers. In my opinion, when Immersive Audio is the priority, it is necessary to use at least 9 speakers for an optimal experience.

But there are two phrases that come up very often when AV Rant Listeners ask us for advice regarding AV Receivers and Pre-Pros: “Future proof”, and “Bang for buck”.

The industry is currently in a transition phase to new audio and video standards. If you want your new AV Receiver to be “future proof”, that means having the ability to support these new A/V formats. And when you get that support at the lowest price, there’s your “bang for buck”!

This write up will focus on 7 speaker models that are as “future proof” as possible while listing some of their other features that will hopefully allow you to determine exactly what you want at the lowest price possible.

Read more…

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AV Rant #444: Screen Size and Distance

August 10th, 2015 No comments

This week in the news – Amazon Echo (LINK and LINK), Rob is going to be on the HT Guys (LINK and LINK), and Hisense bought Sharp…sort of (LINK). Bryce mismeasured his room and wants to know if that changes things, has a question about screen size, and is going through rear speaker options (LINK, LINK, LINK, and LINK). Infinite Gary has infinite questions about center channels, screen sizes (LINK), UHD TVs, glasses, Dr. Floyd Toole (LINK), and more (LINK and LINK). James found a neat project on Ikea Hackers .net (LINK), Alexandre is looking for a Denon in the $500-$600 range (LINK and LINK), and Eliezer wants our thoughts on ABX testing (LINK), Edward’s ping pong theater has $600 for an upgrade, what should he get (LINK, LINK, or LINK), Marcel is having problems with the volume of his surrounds (LINK), and Niklas is looking for the best Vudu player.

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