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AV Rant #413: Rob Gets Ranty

December 19th, 2014 No comments

Rob returns, and he’s got some things to say…at the end of the podcast. Special thanks to Ilango, Joseph, and Joshua for being our listeners of the week (two weeks in this instance). Thanks guys! This week, Rob gives his opinions on a couple of topics he missed last time (Derek’s two-channel dilemma and William’s question about the WaveCrest Audio Speakers (LINK)). Ashley wants to use a Mac Mini as an HTPC (LINK) and needs help finding an external Blu-ray drive (LINK). He’s curious about which software to use (LINK and LINK) and what are the pros and cons of using a Mac versus a PC. Jeff found a neat product to use on your CDs after you’re finished shaving the edges off them (LINK), E. Don has an employer with a unique problem – projecting information on a window for passing cars at night (LINK, LINK, and LINK), and Lior had some suggestions for Tom about his X4000 and Audyssey (LINK). Efrain wanted our take on some cotton absorption panels (LINK) and how they compare to fiberglass ones (LINK), Stewert suggests dB PowerAmp for ripping CDs (LINK), and Eliezer sent us a 12-minute interview with Andrew Jones – the guy that designed the speakers Rob likes so much (LINK). CyberYoda’s theater-in-progress pictures are pretty amazing (LINK), Andrew is curious about the resurgence of vinyl (LINK), and Michael wants to know how much control you really have of the Denon AVR X4000 from the web interface. Spencer is really interested in the Fluance XL7F speakers (LINK) and wants our opinions. He’s especially concerned because they are said to be harder to drive and he has an older receiver (LINK). Jeb sent us a cool link to a YouTube video (LINK – and we added it to our HT Test Playlist on YouTube – LINK), Andrew recommends the MyMediaExperience website for those interested in learning more about HTPCs (LINK), and Aperion Audio has extended their in-home trial period to 60 days (LINK). Lastly, Rob has some words for Axiom Audio and the people releasing Atmos Blu-rays.

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AV Rant #412: Over-Thinking Two-Channel

December 5th, 2014 No comments

A special thanks to Mike and Frank for being our listeners of the week. You guys are the best! Rob is out this week and Lee Overstreet steps in for him. Eliezer has a suggestion for a good sounding boombox from PeachTree (LINK) as does Andy from B&W (LINK). Frank has some additional comment for Buddy, Leighton want to know if we think he’ll hear a difference between MCACC and Audyssey, and Pete on Twitter asks if we think this Sony receiver deal is good enough (Lee is OK with it, Tom thinks THIS would be better, and Rob recommends THIS). Tom and Lee discuss Derek’s expansion into surround sound. He has some high quality main speakers and wants help deciding what gear to buy. Jared is looking for a sub for a small home theater, William wants our opinions on the Ascend Acoustics designed Wavecrest Audio HVL-1 bookshelf speakers (LINK), and the Denon website has David very confused about his LFE settings (LINK). Lastly, we talk about the new Star Wars trailer and the now infamous lightsaber (LINK).

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AV Rant #411: Shaving CDs

November 28th, 2014 No comments

This week we give thanks for listeners John B., Jose S., Matthew M., Michael R., and Matt H. for supporting the podcast. Thanks guys! We appreciate it. The Denon AVR-X7200W appears and we weigh in on this new “Flagship” receiver (LINK), Aereo finally gives up the ghost (LINK), and there is a new “hi-rez” (CD quality) streaming service (LINK). Everyone loves Jared’s theater – check out our pics on Facebook (LINK). Jared is quite the value shopper and found deals on both the Epson 8350 (LINK) and BenQ HT 1075 (LINK). Steve needs help with the correct crossover settings on his receiver – we define LFE, LPF, and LFE+Mains for you. Greg is curious about the difference between 7.2 and 5.2.2, Jason wants to know what TVs with Pop Up ads look like, and Nick has a large basement and needs help placing his home theater in the space. Buddy is blind and wants to know how he can set up a new receiver (LINK), Ian has a couple of followup UPS questions (LINK), and Steve has a few more projector questions. Mike wants to know where to find “Accessories4Less” deals in Canada (HERE, HERE, and HERE) and has a rant about boom boxes (LINK) while Matt is installing up his new Denon AVR X-4000 and is looking for assistance setting up his speakers. We review the Audio Desk Systeme CD Lathe (LINK).

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AV Rant #410: Epson 8350’s for ALL

November 21st, 2014 1 comment

Special thanks to Mike S. for supporting the podcast. You rock! In news, Rob is NOT impressed with the announcement of a Dolby Atmos version of Gravity (LINK) – can you guess why? Jay informs us about some early 3-channel recordings (LINK), Efrain agrees that J-River is Gabe’s best solution for 2- and multi-channel Hi-Rez streaming (LINK), Robert has a specialized sticker for covering bright LEDs (LINK), and Nelson corrects us, agrees with the suggestion of powerline adaptors, and shares his experience setting up speakers in live venues. Camereon has an Atmos question and can only put six acoustic panels in his home theater. Which panel types should he choose? Bruno is seeking more help for his screen size and also wants speaker placement help (he went to a custom installer but isn’t sure he likes the advice). Ian needs a projector and a battery backup, Jared shares some pics of his home theater (it looks AWESOME by the way) and is looking to add a riser for his second row of seats, and Monte needs a small, cheap TV. Rohan wants to know how we might set up Atmos in our theaters if we were to add it, Hermant has three zones and tons of gear and needs to simplify, and Steve has a huge basement but only has money for a projector or a sub. Which should he choose? Dennis need a replacement lamp but doesn’t want to pay $300 for one from Epson but isn’t sure the $40 one on Amazon is up to snuff. Gaylen has a new Denon AVR-X4000 and wants to know how to save his settings to his computer and how to connect up to 14 speakers to his Zone 2. Answer – very carefully!

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AV Rant #409: Two Channel Stuff

November 12th, 2014 1 comment

Special thanks to Ahmed and Shane, our listeners of the week. Your support keeps the podcast going. In the news, the new Star Wars has a name (LINK), Aereo isn’t totally dead but might as well be (LINK), Toy Story 4 is on the way (LINK), and there is a new Evil Dead TV series on the way (LINK). Gaylen has a new receiver on the way (so he says), Efrain has shared a couple of videos with us about the construction of the LH Labs Geek Pulse DAC + Headphone amp (LINK and LINK), and Michael updates us on his wireless connection woes. Scott has a reminder of a solution for those that are having wireless problems, Shane has a fix for the bright blue SVS light (LINK), and Andy finally has his subs dialed in. Jose thinks we lack experience, Nico linked us up to an AES article about Hi-Rez audio (LINK), and Gabe is looking for a better way of organizing his Hi-Rez two- and multi-channel files. John sent us a PDF trying to create a standard for two-channel listening (LINK), Jay needs a projection screen, and Ahmed wonders about our preferred screen size and how to optimize sub/speaker crossovers. Matthew is looking for receiver recommendations, David wants to know if he should jump on a Rythmik sub deal, and Frank is thinking about adding subs to his two-channel setup. Lastly, Mike has some near-field speaker questions and Jared is thinking of upgrading his receiver.

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