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TechCast #2: Interview with Genesis Guitarist Daryl Stuermer

August 1st, 2008 3 comments

Gene interviews Genesis “permanent part time member” Daryl Stuermer who has played lead guitar for the band on live performances for over 30 years. Daryl discusses how it was getting back together with the boys after a nearly 15 year sabbatical. Gene grills Genesis on their not-so-enthusiastic performance at VH-1 Rock Honors and the selection of boy band Keane doing a tribute song, but later hails their 2007 tour performance. Daryl discusses Phil Collins’ unique signature sound both in vocals and behind the drum kit while Gene wishes he could play drums like Phil. The 2007 Europe/USA tour was a smashing success, so much so that fans were demanding more shows at the end while Daryl was also ready to keep going. Will they tour again soon? What about a new CD? Listen to the podcast to find out… Read more…


TechCast #1: Denon Separates & Their Magical D.Link Cable

July 6th, 2008 5 comments

In Gene’s first Tech podcast, he grabs Denon’s own Director of Product Development, Jeff Talmadge, to discuss the new super AVP-A1HDCI pre/pro and POA-A1HDCI 10CH power amplifier. They discuss these products in great detail including what upgrades are to come for them and what lies ahead in the Denon product roadmap. They discuss Denon’s plan to release a truly universal DVD Player that also supports Blu-ray (but not HD DVD). Find out how their new $500 esoteric D.Link cable releases magical audio pixies to ensure you get the most out of these upper echelon products… or not. Dedicated forum support on these products can be found at:

AVP-A1HDCI pre/pro review
POA-A1HDCI 10CH power amplifier review


Acts of a Desperate Gamaholic

May 4th, 2008 1 comment

Since I upgraded the front projector in my primary theater room to the new Epson 1080UB, I haven’t had a fully functional home theater. Why is that you ask? HDMI! This projector won’t play with my Denon AVR-5805. Or more accurately my AVR-5805 won’t play with this projector since I tested the Epson on newer Denon receivers and their flagship pre/pros as well as other brands of receivers that are HDMI 1.3 compliant and had no operational issues at all. Apparently the HDMI 1.1 capabilities of the venerable AVR-5805 render it useless in this case. Read more…

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Honey, my Volume Control Shrunk my Home Theater!

April 21st, 2008 Comments off

Pretend for a moment you’re a customer. You just laid down your whole tax return on a new receiver or processor armed with the latest in THX post processing, Surround decoding and room correction. You operate with the idea that you will have limitless power and ungodly good audio. You take the system home, set it all up. It sounds great…. until you attempt to turn the volume up and the pre/pro wont allow it due to a limitation in the volume control. Read more…

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New Projector Toasted my Receiver

March 12th, 2008 10 comments

I am sitting here beside myself as I come to the realization that my entire reference system has been taken down by a projector. That’s right! Today Clint came by to setup my new Epson 1080UB projector so I could bask in 1080p glory. After the installation was completed, we struggled to get video to the projector from any source (ie. DVD player, HD DVD player, Xbox 360). After lunch we turned the system on and were happy to see XBOX 360 working via component video. Clint enjoyed a brief jam session in guitar hero until I decided it was a good idea to try another video source. Little to our knowledge this would be the end of my reference system as we knew it. The room went black and after a moment of dead silence, erupted a few NY Italian colorful metaphors out of my mouth. After bypassing my venerable Denon AVR-5805 receiver, we successfully passed video to the projector. Read more…

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