Bio: Liz Vinci

December 23rd, 2010

If this isn't a facebook pic, I don't know what isWhen asked if she wanted one of those newfangled iPods to go off to college with, she said no, she’d rather have a new CD/stereo system with good speakers. Which may have been a good decision — the speakers on the stereo WERE decent, for college speakers. On the other hand, what kind of Luddite turns down new technology in favor of the tried and true?

This kind, apparently. Then she started dating Will, the aficionado of all that is cutting edge and has a battery or a plug. So that’s her qualification for this podcast — whatever rubbed off in 7 years of association with an IT nerd, like listening to AVRant.

She is a project manager for a large financial services company, speaking IT to the developers and English to the users. That’s all we’ll say about the job for now, preferring to speak of better things, like her two cute kittens and her love of skiing. An avid reader, she is known to cross 42nd street without taking her eyes off the book — risking life and limb in the process.

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