Bio: Tom Andry

December 2nd, 2020

Tom pic large AVRant Host; Editor-in-Chief AVGadgets; Harbinger of Sarcasm

Tom’s love of surround sound and Home Theater started early in life as chronicled in his own words:

“One day, early in my college career, I found out that a classmate from my high school had been living in my apartment complex just around the corner without me knowing. I was taking out the garbage when I ran into him. I told him that I had just purchased (and watched) Jurassic Park (at least I had enough sense to buy the letterbox edition) and he invited me over to watch it at his place. I politely informed him that I had just finished watching it not two minutes earlier but he insisted. So off I went vowing that I would excuse myself halfway through the movie because I had homework or some other excuse. Little did I know that all three of these guys (my high school classmate and his two roommates) worked at a local Big Box Electronics Store and were home theater nuts! They plugged in the movie and WHOA!!!! I couldn’t tell you what set up they had and frankly it doesn’t really matter. All I know is that I heard sound coming out of their system that rivaled most (and bested many) of the theaters I had been to in the greater SF area! I was floored. Of course I stayed through the movie, and the next, and the next…”

Tom assembled a mish-mash of Home Theater equipment which took him through his college years until he could finally afford to (read: wife let him) upgrade all his equipment. Of course, the next logical step was to begin reviewing products for Audioholics giving him an excuse to stay up late enjoying his new system.

A Psychology degree focusing on research methodology and program evaluation have provided Tom with the specific tools he needs to review both AV hardware and software while reducing bias. His reviews focus on audio performance as well as usability and features.

As a podcaster, as in life, Tom uses sarcasm like a scalpel to cut to the truth of the matter. Always tongue in cheek, never afraid to speak his mind, and often controversial, Tom will provide an entertaining and apropos host for AVRant. Extremely concerned with truth in advertising, Tom will actively seek to protect consumers and ensure that hard-earned money is spent wisely and that purchasing decisions aren’t based on slick marketing campaigns or a fast sales pitch. He’s here to point out the inequities, hypocrisy, and general ridiculousness of this hobby. Welcome to his mind – watch out, all the signs are mismarked.

Tom’s branched out into fiction as well. You can follow his writings at For now, you can download his free eBook from Smashwords – Bob Moore: No Hero. Look for more from him in the future.

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