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AVRant #27: Too Many Topics, Too Little Time

November 8th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

You thought things were crazy last week? Wait until Dina’s announcement. Tom deconstructs the Wal-Mart “secret” sale where an HD DVD player was on sale for $99. Is investing in a DVD player with top tier deinterlacing a good idea? Tom weighs in. What’s the most impressive speaker in a HT? Tom thinks it’s the sub. What happens when you buy decent equipment? You realize how bad compressed music sounds. Tom and Dina love Iowa. ‘Cause they’re dedicated. DRM and the potential for Walgreens DVD burning kiosks. How did Sony react to the BDP-S300 review? Listen in to find out. What’s the deal with audio gear coming in big cotton socks? Tom wants to know. Tom’s got way too many topics to cover and talks a little fast through this one. Sorry about that. Thanks for listening.

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