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AV Rant #822: IOGEAR Professional Online UPS Review

August 25th, 2022

We’re back! Tom reviews IOGEAR’s Professional Online UPS (Battery Backup). We catch up on lots of questions. And Rob explains our absence last week.

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:00:00 – Intro: Why We Were Away
Rob posted a short video last week to explain the situation: https://youtu.be/4pxxHFQwDQE

00:03:53 – IOGEAR UPS Review
– https://avgadgets.com/iogear-professional-online-ups-review/

00:15:38 – What we Watched
Rob watched the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. Tom watched Sandman, Lost City, and Resident Evil.

00:23:21 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Julian and Ari for their PayPal donations, plus our 139 Patreon Patrons, as well as Gurinder for sending Rob a movie code, and James for his very generous donation to Rob for upcoming apartment repairs.
We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Juls, Mark, Michael, and Nick.
And a huge thank you from Rob to everyone who sent kind words after the apartment flood via email, Twitter, and YouTube comments!
Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:
00:27:59 – News: Asus ROG Swift OLED PG42UQ Monitor
Some computer-centric features separate Asus’ OLED from regular 42″ OLED TVs: https://bit.ly/3QOUeQ5

00:31:11 – News: Plex Multiple Editions
A new feature improves Plex Library organization: https://bit.ly/3AUvX5L

00:32:40 – News: MoviePass Returns
We think the relaunch has tons of red flags. But if you want to get on the waitlist… https://engt.co/3AMwczI


00:36:41 – Julian: Desktop Surround Sound
We make suggestions for upgrading a desktop setup to Atmos, while potentially keeping a dedicated 2.1 Stereo setup. Plus 32″ monitors.
– https://avgadgets.com/downmixing-dolby-atmos-what-are-you-missing/
– LG C2 42″ OLED: https://bit.ly/3Aoo2vM
– Asus PG42UQ 42″ OLED: https://bit.ly/3pEyuKO
– Acer Predator X32FP mini-LED: https://bit.ly/3wuTiIl
– Samsung Odyssey Neo G7: https://amzn.to/3R9N9JK
– AORUS Fi32U: https://amzn.to/3RpYHbZ

00:54:40 – Dane: Audyssey Editor Manual Bass Boost
Audyssey Dynamic EQ seems to be doing its job. But why isn’t a custom target curve showing up in REW measurements?

01:02:27 – Infinite Gary: Truly Wireless Overheads
Is there a way to put speakers on the ceiling without any speaker wire or a power cable?

01:05:40 – Karl: Dolby Vision Quality Projector
What did the “10” scores actually mean in a recent UST projector shootout? And what is a “Dolby Vision quality” experience?

01:12:24 – Dennis: Channel Level Adjust
The Option Menu in Denon & Marantz Receivers offers a way to adjust individual channel levels. Does that affect trim levels and Audyssey?

01:16:33 – Juls: Universal Remote Choices
Can the Sofabaton X1 handle multiple different lighting systems? Or is a “renewed” Harmony the way to go?
– Harmony Comparison Chart: https://bit.ly/3pEzfUa
– https://avgadgets.com/sofabaton-x1-review-is-this-the-harmony-killer-weve-been-waiting-for/

01:21:50 – Kiran: Reference Volume vs Room Size
If you move your audio system into a larger room, how is Reference Volume maintained?

01:24:03 – Zach: Wide Dispersion Center Speaker
With seats way off to the sides, which Center speaker design is best?
– https://avgadgets.com/mtm-center-speakers-why-all-the-hate/
– SVS Prime Center: https://bit.ly/3PRiNKK
– Aperion Novus Center: https://bit.ly/3wpXp8M
– Elac Uni-Fi 2 UC52: https://bit.ly/3cjv2lH
– KEF Q250C: https://bit.ly/3ch0v7Z

01:29:34 – Mark & John: Acoustic Panel Calculations
Do orientation, height, and specific placement matter? And how do you calculate exactly how many panels you actually need?
– https://avgadgets.com/how-to-add-absorption-panels-to-any-room/
– https://avgadgets.com/movie-poster-acoustic-panels-heres-the-trick/
– https://avgadgets.com/how-good-do-printed-acoustic-panels-look/

01:39:47 – Terry: Ascend Speaker Package
Terry double checks if the specific speaker package Ascend suggested for him is really his very best choice.
– Sierra-LX: https://bit.ly/3TcHWCx

01:44:37 – Dean: Photo Editing Monitor
No gaming, not even video. What’s a good, affordable, 27″ monitor specifically for photos?
– BenQ SW270C: https://bhpho.to/3Cv9ZYe

01:49:26 – Lior: 20 Year-old B&W Replacement
A tweeter has died. Should he look for a used replacement, since B&W no longer has parts for this long-discontinued model?
– https://www.simplyspeakers.com/
– B&W HTM6 S2: https://bit.ly/3RaOQGu

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