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AV Rant #817: Interview with Jason Ehrlich from Kinetics Noise Control, Inc

July 18th, 2022

We interview Jason Ehrlich, Sales Development Specialist, from Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. to learn all about their soundproofing and acoustic treatment products and installations.

Visit https://kineticsnoise.com/ to learn more!

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYgu8

00:00:00 – Intro

00:05:37 – Introducing Jason Ehrlich

00:07:45 – Introducing Kinetics Noise Control

00:10:04 – Jason’s Current Home Theater
– https://thebuttkicker.com/

00:11:57 – Kinetics’ Home Theater Products
– https://kineticsnoise.com/home

00:15:30 – Kinetics’ Commercial & Industrial Products

00:17:52 – Noise Control Curtains

00:19:58 – Spikes are Not Isolation

00:21:04 – Focusing on Aesthetics

00:23:12 – Ballpark Prices

00:30:31 – A Room-Within-a-Room Project

00:35:11 – Building Walls Atop a Floating Floor

00:38:18 – Constructing & Treating the Interior

00:40:05 – Why Cantilever & Alter Dimensions?

00:41:30 – Soundproof Door

00:43:20 – Where to Begin with Soundproofing

00:48:26 – Soundproofing Between Floors

00:51:32 – HVAC

00:54:36 – Where to Begin with Acoustic Treatment

00:57:56 – Jason’s Future Build

01:03:25 – NRC and STC

01:07:35 – Contacting Kinetics Noise Control
– email: Home @ KineticsNoise dot com

01:08:32 – Conclusion

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