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AV Rant #812: Auro Zombie…in 3D!

June 17th, 2022

Auro, Insteon, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming Stick all appeared to be dead, but they’ve lurched back to life in various ways! Some in-depth discussions on room curves, home theater influencers, and which HDMI cable to buy at a store, plus much more.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzUfDq

00:00:00 – Intro
Rob watched “RRR”. Tom shares his thoughts on Baahubali and the first episode of Ms. Marvel.

00:14:37 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Aras for his PayPal donation, plus our 139 Patreon Patrons, including Tom, Dale, and Terry.
Thanks to Dale for giving Tom permission to use his photos on https://avgadgets.com/
And we appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Tom, Dale, Kiran, Terry, Andrew, Dan, Kevin, and Aras. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:

00:19:21 – News: Auro Technologies goes Bankrupt
It isn’t the end of the Auro-3D format, as it’s being folded back into Galaxy Studios: https://bit.ly/3Ok1dyN

00:22:13 – News: Insteon gets New Owners
Insteon Hubs sprang back to life, followed by an announcement of new ownership: https://bit.ly/3tFd1n8

00:24:38 – News: Xbox Cloud Gaming on Samsung TVs
2022 model year Samsungs get an Xbox App with Cloud Gaming: https://bit.ly/3NZHm8p


00:26:11 – Comment: Nathan – Dolby & Trinnov Room Guides
Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio Guidelines: https://sforce.co/39wqIy4
Dolby Audio Room Design Tool: https://bit.ly/3Oge9Wk
Trinnov Speaker Layout Guide: https://bit.ly/3b6wLtH


00:37:50 – Max: Sub Setup to the Next Level
We discuss at length: level vs gain matching, target room curves, miniDSP application, Multi-Sub Optimizer, bass shakers, speaker stands, and tube traps.
– https://avgadgets.com/setting-up-dual-subwoofers/
– https://avgadgets.com/determining-the-perfect-distance-of-speakers-from-walls/
– Measurement & Calibration by Dr. Toole: https://bit.ly/3xzp72l
– MSO: https://bit.ly/3HKrPHj
– TubeTraps: https://bit.ly/39uMkeh

01:12:48 – Ryan: AVR Protection Mode
We explain why his friend’s amplifiers aren’t to blame.

01:16:55 – Joseph: Heavy Duty Rack Shelf
A heavy amp needs a beefed up rack shelf.
– StarTech heavy duty, adjustable rack shelf: https://amzn.to/3MZnUqP

01:19:42 – Jay: Store-bought HDMI Cable
Is there a reasonable option you don’t have to order online? And is 2.1 needed?
– https://avgadgets.com/do-you-need-hdmi-2-1-for-blu-rays/
– Best Buy Essentials Ultra High Speed: https://bit.ly/3bbBzy4
– Premium High Speed: https://bit.ly/3zIKKAf

01:23:20 – Daniel: Battery Backup UPS
With a rack power filter already in place, we go over our top battery backup options from APC.
– BR1350MS: https://amzn.to/3N3Otep
– BGM1500: https://bhpho.to/3b6w2sd
– BE850: https://amzn.to/39Degwm

01:28:48 – Kiran: Worried about Influencers
Does it bother us when newbies might be misled?

01:37:12 – Infinite Gary: Cylinder vs Box Subs & IMAX Conversions
Swapping a box sub for a cylinder made an audible difference. We discuss why. Then we talk about E.T. and Jaws getting IMAX releases this year: https://bit.ly/3O1NAnZ

01:45:49 – Dale: Audyssey Dynamic EQ Reference Level Offset
We share quotes straight from the horse’s mouth to clarify what Reference Level Offset does. Also, what to do about a sub that squeaks.
– https://avgadgets.com/audyssey-reference-level-offset-what-is-it-what-does-it-do/

01:53:54 – Raf: To Bi-Amp or Not
We look at Raf’s room size, listening distance, and speakers to explain why bi-amping won’t be useful in his case.

01:57:48 – John: HSU Surrounds & Balanced DAC
We simplify John’s choice of Surrounds, then reason out what to do about his malfunctioning balanced headphone DAC.

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