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AV Rant #811: Rob’s Gotta Run

June 10th, 2022

A shorter episode this week, as Rob had an appointment to keep. But not to worry, we’ll be back next week to play catch up!

HDMI cables get a new feature, and Samsung’s QD-OLEDs weren’t the only TVs cheating on tests.

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00:00:00 – Intro

Rob watched The Green Knight, and Tom watched The Hating Game, and has more thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

00:16:45 – Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Ryan and Aras for their PayPal donations, plus our 139 Patreon Patrons, including Martin.

We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Aras, Dale, David, Ryan, Martin, Karl, Jay, Greg, and Max. Shout out to Gurinder and Mark for finding our new 2Hour+ Club Secret Words!

And since Dale asked about YouTube episodes prior to #505, those can be found here: https://bit.ly/3xtPwju

In the news:

00:20:42 – News: HDMI Cable Power

The latest HDMI 2.1a Amendment 1 spec includes power from source devices for HDMI sources: https://bit.ly/3tj7vGT

00:31:00 – News: Samsung QLED also Cheating

Samsung’s QD-OLEDs were cheating on test pattern measurements, but they were updated to at least fix Filmmaker Mode. Now their flagship 4K QLED has been caught doing those same cheats and more. But Samsung says they’ll update that, too: https://bit.ly/3QkvC1Q


00:32:39 – Comment: Aras – John Carpenter for Front Wides

Aras recommends John Carpenter’s movies that have been released on Ultra HD Blu-ray as demo material for Front Wide speaker usage in their Atmos soundtracks, with two notable exceptions.

00:33:39 – Comment: Ian – HDMI to RCA

Ian suggests a digital to analogue HDMI to RCA converter for using a streaming device for audio without needing to have a TV turned on: https://amzn.to/3H9A2o8

00:34:52 – Comment: Greg – Thoughts on Sonos

Greg weighs in on Blake’s in-laws regarding using a Sonos home theater setup in their open Living Room.


00:37:24 – Dale: Small Room Planning

We go over acoustic treatments, paint, speaker positioning, and subwoofer choice for a spare bedroom.

– https://avgadgets.com/movie-poster-acoustic-panels-heres-the-trick/

– https://avgadgets.com/should-i-paint-my-home-theater-walls-black-why-or-why-not/

– https://avgadgets.com/the-best-wall-color-for-home-theater/

– https://avgadgets.com/home-theater-101-basic-speaker-setup-guide/

– https://avgadgets.com/everything-wrong-with-dolby-speaker-layout-diagrams/

– SVS SB-1000 Pro: https://bit.ly/39aQW9n

00:56:41 – Dan: Polk Reserve Series?

We discuss switching from Towers to on-walls, whether the Polk Reserve Series is actually good, whether it’s time for a Receiver upgrade, and setting the region for your Apple TV.

– Polk Reserve R350: https://bit.ly/3zonlE1

– Aperion Novus N6: https://bit.ly/3NAAGgN

– Monoprice Monolith M-OW1: https://bit.ly/3zlY518

01:07:20 – Christian: DirecTV Error Message

We detail our suspected culprit for a strange copy protection error message.

01:10:06 – Aras: Stepping Back from the Ledge

Aras hasn’t bought a house yet, and his head seems to be swimming from future home theater plans. We try to ease his mind a bit while discussing HVAC, paint choice, projector choice, screen size, seating, and Buttkickers.

– https://avgadgets.com/best-ac-solution-for-your-home-theater/

– https://avgadgets.com/the-best-wall-color-for-home-theater/

– https://avgadgets.com/how-to-add-tactile-transducers-to-your-home-theater/

– Buttkicker LFE: https://bit.ly/3zsbcOu

01:37:35 – Martin: Narrowing Speaker Options

Martin gave us a list of speaker candidates, and we whittle it down for him.

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