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AV Rant #806: Our First Time Recommending MultEQ-X

May 6th, 2022

Sony’s got three new 4K Laser projectors. Yamaha finally updates their firmware, but still disappoints. Samsung is straight up trying to trick reviewers who measure their QD-OLEDs. And we make a suggestion no one expected.

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00:00:00 – Intro
Rob watched Death on the Nile. Tom watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Freaks.

00:14:23 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Raf for his PayPal donation, plus our 142 Patreon Patrons, including Dale, as well as Brandon for trying to help Tom’s parents with their Harmony remote, and Greg for sending a movie code.
We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Mike, Jason, Dale, and Dan. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:

00:20:14 – News: Sony XW 4K Laser Projectors
An interesting back and forth in prices and features compared to JVC’s lineup.
– XW5000: https://bit.ly/3weoLxM
– XW6000: https://bit.ly/39HftTe
– XW7000: https://bit.ly/3OW1ZmR

00:31:00 – News: Yamaha Aventage 4K/120 Firmware
It took a very long time, and still isn’t complete: https://bit.ly/3MT1lV9

00:34:04 – News: Samsung QD-OLED Trickery
They’re goosing EOTF and colors, but faking accuracy strictly at the most common test pattern sizes: https://youtu.be/rhto9MmiExE


00:38:54 – Comment: Jason Ehrlich – Kinetics VersaTune LF
The head of Sales Development for Kinetics reached out to clarify details about their HardSide, TAD, and VersaTune acoustic panels, and introduce us to their VTLF 80Hz 2 1/8″ thick bass trap: https://bit.ly/3LJ6nDz

00:47:42 – Comment: Greg – Balanced vs Unbalanced
Greg shares a write up from Sanders Sound: https://bit.ly/3MT1OGT
– https://avgadgets.com/xlr-vs-rca-which-cable-is-better/


00:48:15 – John: APKs, Launchers, Amps & DIY Speakers
We’re hoping listeners with a lot more knowledge than us about Android and Fire OS can help answer. Then we dig into “too much” amp Wattage, and trying to make DIY speakers that compete with HSU CCB-8.
– https://troypoint.com/wolf-launcher/
– HSU CCB-8: https://bit.ly/3kLDqLu
– DIY Sound Group HT-8 Kit: https://bit.ly/38Xp8V9
– CSS-Audio Kits: https://bit.ly/3LRmyyO

01:01:19 – Carlos: Good Time to Buy an AVR Yet?
He’s itching to upgrade. Are IMAX Enhanced and DTS:X Pro good enough reasons?

01:07:19 – Aras: Bass Quality, when Quantity is no concern
Are there any downsides, besides physical size and price, to using huge subs in a non-huge room? What accounts for bass quality? SVS, JTR, and PerListen compared.
– Dual SVS PC-4000: https://bit.ly/3KKzfdf

01:21:55 – Mike: Bookshelves & Subs for Open Room
Tom & Rob disagree about sub selection, but agree on which speakers to get.
– HSU CCB-8: https://bit.ly/382VQVl
– Dual SVS PC-2000 Pro: https://bit.ly/3MShryd
– SVS PC-4000: https://bit.ly/381L6Xi

01:30:38 – Dale: Denon Multi Ch Stereo Mode
How exactly is the signal duplicated and routed?

01:34:29 – Raf: Dirac and Signal-to-Noise
A question about a Receiver upgrade prompts a surprising suggestion from us.
– Audyssey MultEQ-X: https://bit.ly/3kQyxAx

01:39:51 – Enrique: Under $1,000 Projectors
Good contrast & color with 1080p SDR only. Brighter, with 1080p HDR output. Or full 4K resolution. Take your pick.
– BenQ HT2050A: https://bit.ly/3MVaKeO
– BenQ HT2150ST: https://bit.ly/3FiWCcX
– BenQ TH685: https://bit.ly/3vMTpPB
– Optoma GT1080HDR: https://bit.ly/3FjaEv3
– ViewSonic PX701-4K: https://bit.ly/3P4AozF

01:44:21 – Infinite Gary: Apple TV 4K Color Balance
Gary forgot about Apple TV’s option to “calibrate” with an iPhone, just like everyone else.
– https://avgadgets.com/how-to-calibrate-your-apple-tv-4k-with-an-iphone/

01:45:51 – Michael: Outputting to 2 HDMI-ARC Players
It’s not the HDMI-ARC splitter he was hoping for, but we have a workaround.
– Sewell Spider: https://bit.ly/3vNPi60

01:50:19 – Vince: Agonizing In-wall Choice
We vouch for Focal in-walls, but want Vince to spend less.
– Focal in-walls at A4L: https://bit.ly/3LQglTL
– Focal Back Cans: https://bit.ly/3LQg4QJ

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