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AV Rant #803: Plex Search FTW

April 15th, 2022

Plex’ new universal search, watchlist, and discovery features are surprisingly good right out of the gate. Klipsch’s new entry-level looks promising. And YouTube joins us in the 1990’s with 5.1 audio.

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00:00:00 – Intro
Rob’s getting ready for the 6th and final season of Better Call Saul. And Tom’s been watching Cracow Monsters, The Bubble, and stand-up comedy…but only if it’s recent!

00:06:41 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Patrick for his PayPal donation, plus our 146 Patreon Patrons, including Dale and Bertrand, as well as Kris for sending us a code for Spider-Man: No Way Home.
We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Keshaun, Dale, Bertrand, Jack, Joe, and Gurninder. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:

00:10:10 – News: Just Plex It
Plex Universal Search, Universal Watch List, and Discovery manage to actually function across every streaming service out there. And you don’t even need a Plex account to use Search.
– https://www.plex.tv/
– Just Plex It: https://is.gd/OR24Kp
– Netflix 2 Thumbs Up: https://is.gd/SnyiTN

00:18:10 – News: YouTube & YouTube TV 5.1 Audio
Still a lot of limitations, but 5.1 audio is slowly rolling out.
– YouTube: https://is.gd/g4YxZ3
– YouTube TV: https://is.gd/frqWuV
– More coming: https://is.gd/AwJC4m

00:20:06 – FlatPanels HD Ultra HD Blu-ray Database
Quickly search by HDR, audio format, and 4K vs 2K DI: https://is.gd/0IFv1G
– https://www.nextgenhometheater.com/

00:21:30 – News: 2022 Klipsch Reference Series
Klipsch’s 7th generation borrows from the Klipsch Reference Premiere Series: https://is.gd/zjjgAn


00:24:23 – John: Wired & Bluetooth Headphones
We have suggestions for planar magnetic and Bluetooth headphones, adapters, and how to get a Sofabaton U1’s learning function working.
– HiFiMan Sundara: https://is.gd/iotlgT
– HiFiMan Edition XS: https://is.gd/1p7Su9
– Monoprice M1070C: https://is.gd/nHvHFQ
– Sony WH-1000XM3: https://is.gd/byhVY3
– https://avgadgets.com/soundcore-liberty-3-pro-earbud-review-the-best-earbuds-ive-ever-heard/
– Avantree Oasis: https://is.gd/wnYqNI

00:38:41 – Jason: YPAO Atmos Layouts
Having switched from Audyssey to YPAO, we help Jason sort through some confusing results.

00:44:00 – Karl: Lamp vs Laser Projectors
Do laser projectors have inherent advantages over lamps? And will lamp-based projectors be phased out?

00:51:03 – Chris: Crossovers & HDR
How to properly set your subwoofer’s crossover knob, and should HDR look brighter than SDR on a projector?

00:58:32 – Keshaun: Lots of Updates
Not a question, but Keshaun applied lots of our advice, and wanted to share the results.

01:07:22 – Luke & Chris: RGB vs BGR vs RGBW Sub-pixels
We dig into how text is displayed on various sub-pixel configurations, and also discuss converting DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1.
– Display Ninja on RGB vs BGR and sub-pixel anti-aliasing: https://is.gd/9eMWAX

01:16:04 – Dale: Marantz Model Numbers
What do the model numbers mean? Can we tell features and release year from them?
– Marantz AVRs: https://is.gd/R4MnKl
– Pre-Pros: https://is.gd/0Y5Wl8

01:21:18 – Joe: Assisted Living Complex
We do a once-over on Joe’s budget and plans.
– https://avgadgets.com/sofabaton-x1-review-is-this-the-harmony-killer-weve-been-waiting-for/
– Optoma UHD38: https://is.gd/PGz36F
– Denon X1700H: https://is.gd/UQTfbl
– Denon X2700H from A4L: https://is.gd/4VH5JI
– Integra DRX-3.4: https://is.gd/W7bWIs
– Acoustimac Wall Packs: https://is.gd/krU0kO

01:35:01 – Infinite Gary: IMAX 6-Track
We talk about IMAX Audio progression.
– IMAX Double System audio: https://is.gd/NBmWIO

01:37:45 – Bertrand: Panasonic Control Hub
An annoying on-screen HUD won’t go away, and HDMI-CEC is to blame. Then we discuss some interesting results from a home theater meetup. And we explain why an Apple TV 4K might or might not be a good choice.

01:49:19 – Mario: Upmixing Stereo vs 5.1
How different will 2.0 sound from 5.1 when run through the same upmixer?

01:53:57 – Jack: Epson Vertical Line Problem
A cyan line has appeared on Jack’s Epson 5050UB. We discuss what he should do about it.

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