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AV Rant #801: DIY or DI-don’t

April 1st, 2022

Tom has a new book available! Download Touch of Pain on Amazon.
We’ve got lots of discussion about DIY subwoofers, IMAX, and how absolutely nothing of interest happened at this year’s Oscars.

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:00:00 – Intro
Tom watched The Adam Project and Dune.

00:02:11 – Touch of Pain
Tom released a new novel!
Purchase “Touch of Pain” digitally on Amazon for $4.99: https://is.gd/5Zod07

00:09:33 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Billy for his PayPal donation, plus our 146 Patreon Patrons, including James, as well as Billy again for talking us up to Seymour AV.
We also greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Raf, Julian, Kevin, Gurinder, Will, David, Ari, Alex, and Jonathan. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

00:13:24 – Sofabaton X1 Tease
Rob, David, Andrew, and maybe Tom will all weigh in next week!

In the news:

00:17:53 – News: PlayStation Plus Tiers
PlayStation Plus: Essential, Extra, and Premium (or Deluxe) will be coming in June to take on Xbox Game Pass: https://is.gd/03GKTe

00:25:31 – News: Apple TV+’s CODA wins Best Picture
A first for a streaming service: https://is.gd/Mk7Agc


00:26:42 – Comment: Gurinder – Flex Ducts

00:28:36 – Comment: Jonathan – DIY Sub Experience
Details of costs and time, plus his thoughts on tuning via miniDSP.

00:31:33 – Comment: Karl – JVC Power On
Weighing in on Jason’s question from last week about having to press Power On multiple times.


00:33:48 – John: Single Sub Setup
John reports back about NVidia Shield’s Comfort Noise. Then we discuss placing and dialing in a single subwoofer.
– Audiocheck.net sweep: https://is.gd/0c9QmM

00:52:05 – Infinite Gary: New IMAX Film Cameras
Does it make sense to develop new film cameras vs digital?
– From Deadline: https://is.gd/nPNPXx

00:58:20 – Daniel: Which OLED?
Which specific model if he gets a larger screen size?
– LG C1: https://is.gd/CZaApd

01:00:08 – Karl: Screen Gain & LieMax
We narrow Karl’s projection screen material choices, and discuss multiplex IMAX theaters.

01:09:56 – Raf: Bumping Up Bass
Does applying EQ directly to subs mess up Audyssey? And how high should Front Wides be mounted?

01:17:08 – Julian: 80Hz Crossover Dip
After his first REW measurements, Julian has questions about his bass response and crossover region, physically rotating subwoofers, adding bass traps, and also removing Surround Backs.

01:33:24 – Kevin: Acoustic Treatment Plan
We discuss Atmos speaker and subwoofer placement, and how to acoustically treat his Lounge and bedroom.

01:45:41 – Billy: JVC Mount & Hush Box?
We go over Billy’s options for mounting his new JVC projector.
– Peerless JVC mount: https://is.gd/DfYtVZ
– Projector Enclosures: https://is.gd/bpoj4V
– DIY Hush Box: https://is.gd/PkdLbS

01:51:04 – James: Atmos Uses Channels?
An official Dolby training guide describes a 7.1.2 channel “bed layer”. So are there Atmos soundtracks with no objects at all?
– Dolby Beyond Multichannel: https://is.gd/OEjV2m
– https://avgadgets.com/downmixing-dolby-atmos-what-are-you-missing/

01:58:29 – Dawid: Three Overhead Pairs
We discuss the labels needed for six overhead speakers across various Immersive Audio formats.

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