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AV Rant #800: 800 Down, 800 To Go!

March 25th, 2022

We’ve reached another milestone! And we celebrate with the most professionally executed giveaway ever!
We cover Epson’s Home Cinema LS11000, Audyssey’s ACM1-X calibrated mic, LG & Samsung OLED prices, Apple Movie purchases & rentals disappearing, and Netflix cracking down on password sharing.
Thank you all so much for sticking with us for 800 episodes! Here’s to 800 more!

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:00:00 – Intro
No movie review this week. But Tom does have a scathing review of the LSU tour he took.

00:07:10 – Listeners of the Week
Our Listeners of the Week are Nick for his PayPal donation, plus our 145 Patreon Patrons, as well as a big thank you to Ash for our Episode 800 artwork, and Lee Overstreet for guest co-hosting last week.
We also greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Mark, Gurinder, Jeremy, Ash, Andrew, and Nathan. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!
Plus, an extra special thanks to James “House of Cards” for supplying his open box UMIK-1 and SPL Meter for our giveaway!

In the news:

00:18:58 – News: Epson Home Cinema LS11000
An attractive price for a well-spec’d 4K/120 laser projector: https://is.gd/1aoBTe

00:23:15 – News: Audyssey ACM1-X Calibrated Mic
Not quite what we hoped for.
– https://avgadgets.com/audyssey-multeq-x-what-you-need-to-know/
– ACM1-X: https://is.gd/jpWCQA
– MultEQ-X demo: https://is.gd/QtpGi9

00:30:31 – News: ’22 LG & Samsung OLED Prices
97″ is expensive, 77″ & 83″ start cheaper, Samsung surprises.
– LG 97″ G2: https://is.gd/hsxeIq
– LG C2: https://is.gd/sJQLYy
– Samsung S95B: https://is.gd/8INql6

00:32:41 – News: Apple TV App Downgrade
Android TV, Google TV & Fire TV apps won’t let you rent or buy: https://is.gd/LINYji

00:33:29 – News: Netflix to Charge for Sharing
“Add an Extra Member” outside your household: https://is.gd/vmKc31


00:38:10 – Comment: Tom – AV / Wine Closet
A warning to control humidity.

00:40:38 – Comment: Ilango – Summing Cable
Castline USA Summing Cable: https://is.gd/8ERgo2


00:41:50 – Ilango: Small Subwoofers
We pick SVS models for a Family Room & future small theater.
– SVS SB-2000 Sale: https://is.gd/qfdMlu

00:50:11 – Bertrand: Affordable TVs
Three new TVs needed for rental properties.
– Sony X80J: https://is.gd/tGl1HA
– TCL R635: https://is.gd/2CUUFQ

00:54:14 – Jason: JVC Remote Problem
Power On is unreliable. We troubleshoot, and also describe Pincushion Correction.
– Sofabaton X1: https://is.gd/Yq8xPu

01:02:21 – Jay: Jamo Studio 8 Speakers
Our opinions of Jamo’s affordable speakers: https://is.gd/mwiB5N

01:05:44 – Mark: Finished Basement Plans
We discuss layout, false walls, fabric, black ceiling tiles, closet doors, and general concerns.
– Acoustimac Fabrics: https://is.gd/yetvCD
– Certainteed Theatre Black ceiling tiles: https://is.gd/pFaTXe

01:26:40 – Jeremy: What Audyssey Does
We try to explain the concepts behind auto-setup & room correction, and why changing values manually can alter the sound.
– https://avgadgets.com/speaker-distance-and-trim-settings-the-most-counterintuitive-settings-in-home-theater/

01:39:24 – Kiran: In-wall Sub Placement
How do installers know where to position in-wall subwoofers?

01:48:15 – Alex: $1,500 75″ TV
A 77″ OLED would be great, but what to get for half the price?
– Sony X90J: https://is.gd/PgsyVt
– TCL R646: https://is.gd/3nSIo3
– TCL R635: https://is.gd/vgKpnO
– Hisense U7G: https://is.gd/Qd4jAc

01:51:22 – Mike: Denon X1700H vs X2700H
Double checking he can go with the less expensive model for his needs.

01:54:43 – Andrew: $100 Earphones
Our picks for comfortable, good all-around earphones.
– https://avgadgets.com/tcl-moveaudio-s600-in-ear-earbuds/
– Shure SE215: https://is.gd/p3gZyi
– Shure SE112: https://is.gd/APnz3e

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