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AV Rant #792: Townhouse Woes

January 28th, 2022

Our movie review disagreements were short-lived. Some SVS in-wall sub details. Wishing we had better news for attached dwellings. And bagging on Activision and REL.

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Gav for his PayPal donation, plus our 136 Patreon Patrons, including Bertrand & Todd. We also want to thank JT for sending a Movies Anywhere code.
And we greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Brandon, Tue, J.R., Aras, Gurinder, Bertrand, Grad, Gav & Justin. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:

00:14:34 – News: SVS 3000 In-wall Subwoofer
AV Nirvana scored details on the dual 9-inch drivers, price, and release date: https://is.gd/OVKqhf

00:18:47 – News: Microsoft buys Activision
The largest game studio acquisition ever leaves us feeling icky: https://is.gd/9qgGz1


00:24:26 – Comment: Andrew – Cross-Spectrum Labs
Herb from Cross-Spectrum gets a shout out for their individually calibrated UMIK-1 mics.
– https://cross-spectrum.com/

00:25:15 – Comment: Nathan – Acoustimac Panels
The 2″ panels come with a solid back by default, but the DIY kits and bass traps can have open backs.
– DIY kits: https://is.gd/ykyfli
– Bass traps: https://is.gd/zGmxcv

00:26:52 – Comment: Tue – Strøm open source WiFi speaker
Tue started a project to escape closed ecosystems.
– Strøm website: https://is.gd/4yINjI
– Wiki: https://is.gd/9v45Lg
– GitHub: https://is.gd/gBfbNn


00:28:09 – Tim: Upgrade to KEF Center?
With Fronts & Surrounds upgraded from Polk to KEF, which Center should Tim get?
– KEF Q150: https://is.gd/JocLzb
– KEF Q250c: https://is.gd/Ix1xrN

00:37:06 – Infinite Gary: High Current Amps
What spec determines “High Current”? And how loud is 1,000 Watts?

00:45:00 – Paul: Upgrade Sony Projector for HDR?
Paul loves his Sony VW295ES, but doesn’t like high lamp mode. Is now the time to upgrade for better HDR?

00:55:52 – Alex: LG C8 Near-black Flicker
A recent firmware update brought near-black flicker back. Is there a fix?
– HDTV Test explains: https://youtu.be/KjObx–Oq8g?t=172
– Firmware 5.10.20 was good: https://is.gd/bLbQjX
– How to roll back firmware: https://is.gd/0aCFyj

00:59:54 – Julian: Marantz HDMI audio issue
We try to solve the mystery of a setting that silenced Julian’s HDMI sources.
– HDMI Audio Out setting: https://is.gd/0b32O9

01:04:18 – Brandon: Dual-purpose Overheads
How to use overheads for Atmos, then automatically switch to whole house audio.
– Dayton APA102BT: https://is.gd/iYVSZg
– OSD XMP100: https://is.gd/ud5xsX

01:11:31 – Ilango: 12-channel Distribution Amps
We sort through Class-AB vs Class-D and Wattage ratings.
– Dayton MA1240a: https://is.gd/gVvV5d
– Dayton MA1260: https://is.gd/7NcBY9
– HTD DMA-1240: https://is.gd/TMdZ6p

01:18:16 – Aras: Townhouse Soundproofing
A townhouse or duplex is more affordable, but will neighbors hear his theater?

01:32:05 – Bertrand: Banding, Dual Subs, Dual Setups
We might have a fix for Bertrand’s color banding from 4K Blu-rays. We discuss Y-splitters for subs. And using two Speaker Presets to experiment.
– Marantz Option Menu: https://is.gd/lhy4ck

01:41:18 – Brad: Xbox as Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
A High Speed HDMI cable failed, and his Xbox One S didn’t output Dolby Vision or Atmos from movie discs. What to do?

01:53:54 – Gav: REL Subwoofer Connections
A dealer convinced him, but REL’s approach to subwoofer connection is weird. We explain.

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