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AV Rant #790: Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset Review

January 14th, 2022

We wrap up CES coverage, Tom reviews a gaming headset, and we share some short takes on recent Disney+ releases at the very beginning and the very end (stay tuned past our sign off).

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Kevin, Julian & Terry for their PayPal donations, plus our 135 Patreon Patrons, including Jack, Julian & Terry, as well as Joe for telling Aperion he learned about them from us, and Bertrand for sending Tom a Movies Anywhere code.

00:07:10 – In-wall Extension Cord Diagram
Big thanks to Mario for sending a diagram to illustrate a proper in-wall power extension cord with a male inlet with permission for Tom to use it on https://avgadgets.com/

And we greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Jack, Chris T, Gurinder, Eric, Dale, Jason & Monty. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

00:09:47 – Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review
Tom reviews a $99 gaming headset: https://avgadgets.com/beyerdynamic-mmx-100-gaming-headset-review-the-best-99-you-can-spend/

In the news:

00:14:36 – News: Samsung The Freestyle Projector
Portable, $900, LED projector with extremely easy setup: https://is.gd/IitElx

00:15:45 – News: TCL 98″ R754
Projection-sized flat panel for $8,000: https://is.gd/SYBVba

00:16:45 – News: Pixelworks TrueCut Motion
End-to-end Motion Grading solution: https://is.gd/GLsTq9

00:18:49 – News: Hisense U9H & U8H get mini-LED
Brighter, more dimming zones: https://is.gd/MJh39V

00:20:42 – News: Sony 2022 TV Lineup
A95K QD-OLED, A90K & A80K OLEDs, Z9K & X95K mini-LED: https://is.gd/PGaGtT

00:24:42 – News: PlayStation VR2
Upgraded headset announced, but not shown: https://is.gd/AILcqz

00:25:26 – News: New Monoprice Monolith Speakers
Smaller Monolith Encore models: https://is.gd/2nMYo1
Expanded in-wall lineup: https://is.gd/vP9iEY
THX on-walls: https://is.gd/knNrqs


00:28:25 – Comment: Joe – Loves his new Aperion Verus III Grand speakers

00:29:01 – Comment: Aaron – Avoid converting RCA to ethernet


00:29:47 – Mark: New Lamp or Projector?
A limited budget makes it a tricky decision.
– Sharp XV-Z15000 lamp: https://is.gd/ZDTvVx

00:35:59 – Chad: Front Wides?
Should he pre-wire, or install right away?

00:41:18 – Chris C: 8-channel Amps
We suggest a list of options across many price points.
– Fosi TDA7498E (x4): https://is.gd/XgVRQ6
– OSD MX880: https://is.gd/tDvtYg
– AudioSource AMP800VS: https://is.gd/txgufL
– AD508: https://is.gd/DGoXWi
– Emotiva BasX A4 (x2): https://is.gd/x8C8sP
– Emotiva Custom 8 x 65 Watt: https://is.gd/qsE9px
– Monolith M8125X: https://is.gd/wqu5Jp
– Monolith 9X: https://is.gd/R8Q0ar
– Emotiva XPA-9: https://is.gd/zDvvxu

00:48:59 – Chris H: Emotiva BasX MC-1
Our take on the 13.2-channel, $1,000 Pre-Pro.
– BasX MC-1: https://is.gd/OHItiu
– ToneWinner AT-300: https://is.gd/9eoc5h

00:57:42 – Kevin: Denon X6700H vs X8500H
We go over the feature differences, and say which one Kevin should get.

01:03:33 – Jack: KEF T-Series bad measurements?
We’ve recommended KEF’s super flat speakers, but a review says they’re bad.

01:12:11 – Chris T: Comparing in-ceiling speakers
We describe a method for A-B comparing in-ceilings, as well as matrixed Top Middles. And we explain Epson’s power consumption setting in their projectors.

01:21:03 – Jonathan: Safe Listening Levels
Reference Volume seems really loud. Is it safe?
– OSHA guidelines: https://is.gd/2VOE5S
– NIOSH guidelines: https://is.gd/nWji7Z

01:28:10 – Eric: All About Surrounds
Why do we prefer Dolby’s old diagrams? We describe the different types of Surround speakers and say which is best. We recommend some not-so-large speakers, and an anti-vibration mount for his projector.
– https://avgadgets.com/everything-wrong-with-dolby-speaker-layout-diagrams/
– https://avgadgets.com/difference-between-dipole-bipole-speakers/
– Ascend HTM-200SE: https://is.gd/npXANQ
– Peerless Anti-Vibration Plate: https://is.gd/kW80D3

01:42:29 – Julian: Projector Mistakenly Left On
A projector was running when it shouldn’t have been. Is it damaged? Plus, a temporary way to darken the ceiling, lamp modes for HDR, signal delay, and Panasonic’s HDR Optimizer.

01:52:49 – Terry: HSU Sub Extended Mode
We fixed Terry’s scary slap sound. Now he wants to know what caused it, and why it’s possible.
– https://avgadgets.com/discrete-subwoofer-outputs-on-av-receivers-are-evil/

01:57:54 – Andrew: Beginner Hi-Fi Headphones
A selection of not-too-expensive, neutral headphones. Plus a battery backup UPS.
– Sony MDR7506: https://is.gd/88zERd
– Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: https://is.gd/BdoclK
– Sennheiser HD560S: https://is.gd/EXcQ10
– HiFiMan Sundara: https://is.gd/406wm6

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