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AV Rant #780: Post-it Note Solution

November 12th, 2021

Our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving get-together is coming up soon! The HT Guys, Ara & Braden, DJ from Bright Side Home Theater, and Rob, Tom, and Lee will all take part in a crossover event episode! And now’s your chance to ask a question for all six of us. Send it in quick!

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXaSxCR

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Nelson for his PayPal donation, and our 133 Patreon Patrons, including James W. & Bertrand, as well as Eric & Vince, who both sent us Amazon gift cards, and Nelson who sent some Movies Anywhere codes.
We also greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from Rob W, Gav, Andy, John, Luke, and Bertrand. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

In the news:

00:12:28 – News: IMAX Enhanced on Disney+
13 Marvel movies on Disney+ will offer a switching aspect ratio to preserve the IMAX presentation. DTS audio is in the works: https://is.gd/cad6FW

00:17:37 – News: Optoma UHZ50 + no screen
Via Karl – The UHZ50 4K laser projector has a 1080p 240Hz Game Mode and compensation for colored & uneven walls if you refuse to use a screen.
– https://is.gd/KmSuuM
– https://is.gd/59V9Y7
– https://is.gd/YUsa8g

00:21:14 – News: Sony & LG TV firmware updates
– Sony Auto HDR Tone Mapping is a bust: https://youtu.be/ukB21sxGQbs
– Sony’s “final” VRR update for X900H didn’t fix anything: https://is.gd/Fl4bzZ
– Sony X85J is 1st to get proper VRR: https://is.gd/a7Xvxh
– LG brings 120Hz Dolby Vision only to 2020 & 2021 models: https://is.gd/vmwKGW
– LG & Amazon Prime Video are 1st to offer Automatic Filmmaker Mode: https://is.gd/cSyMg6
– Samsung still shuns Dolby Vision, announces HDR10+ Gaming: https://is.gd/gHKoXu


00:25:04 – Comment: James – Apple TV+ free on LG TVs
Get 3-months of Apple TV+ by signing up through your LG TV, all the way back to 2016 models: https://is.gd/anWXsu

00:25:27 – Comment: Alan – Denon X3600H Audyssey Editor App issue

00:26:50 – Comment: James – Leicester “Lester” Square


00:29:33 – Nick: High Frame Rate movies

00:40:26 – Jorge: Cleaning TV screens

00:42:49 – Bertrand: Judder, Fist Test & AirPlay
Judder vs Stutter, using the “fist test” to check your field of view, and AirPlay issues after iOS15 and Marantz firmware updates.

00:55:54 – John: JVC Calibration w/ SpyderX
John asks if both the Panasonic HDR Optimizer and JVC’s frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping should be on at the same time. We discuss JVC’s own Projector Calibration Software and the Datacolor SpyderX meter. And does he need a new screen?
– JVC Projector Calibration Software: https://is.gd/H8shyB
– Datacolor SpyderX Pro: https://is.gd/7ln0y0
– Calman Home calibration software: https://is.gd/kvvXYE
– X-Rite i1 Display OEM: https://is.gd/wkJ1sb

01:06:18 – Bobby: 85″ TV vs Projector
Should Bobby keep his 92″ screen and upgrade his projector for better black levels, or get an 85″ TV at the same price?
– Samsung QN90A: https://is.gd/drCJz5
– Samsung QN85A: https://is.gd/AbMZUf
– Sony X91J: https://is.gd/27VMp6
– Vizio P Quantum X: https://is.gd/tXNTL3

01:18:43 – Nelson: Denon X3600H + external amps
Nelson has three stereo amps, two of which can be bridged, and he wants to know the best way to hook them all up.

01:26:20 – Gurinder: Soundproofing basement ceiling
A bedroom and the soffits in his theater need better soundproofing.
– https://www.soundproofingcompany.com/soundproofing-solutions/soundproofing-ceilings
– https://hushcitysp.com/
– https://www.acoustiguard.com/

01:38:34 – Rob W: Ikea GUNNLAUG sound absorbing curtains
– https://is.gd/TFtknC

01:42:07 – Gav: Hi-Res Amazon Music HD
Gav’s TV is forcing a lower audio bitrate from Amazon Music HD via a Fire TV Stick 4K. What’s the workaround?
– HDFury Dr. HDMI 4K: https://is.gd/mTOOsS

01:50:24 – Rafael: Speakers to replace Polks
Rafael took our advice and treated his room. He still wants a speaker upgrade.
– SVS Ultra: https://is.gd/NyTb9r
– HSU: https://is.gd/3H8ICg
– Kef Q-Series: https://is.gd/7TayqT
– Martin Logan Motion: https://is.gd/3X2RTk
– Klipsch Reference Premiere: https://is.gd/pSWvwM

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