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AV Rant #765: Receiver Buying Time

July 30th, 2021

It might finally be a good time to buy an AV Receiver again! Well, pre-order, anyway.

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Clint for his PayPal donation, plus our 127 Patreon Patrons, including Martin & Bertrand, as well as Andrew L. for assisting Rob in finding a way to watch Master of the Universe: Revelation.
We also want to thank Jack, Bertrand & Clint for sharing their photos and giving Tom permission to use them on https://avgadgets.com/
And we greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude sent to us for keeping the podcast going from: Jason, Jack, Martin, Bertrand, and Clint. Thank you to everybody for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWi2NpA

In the news:

00:08:34 – 2021 Yamaha Aventage & Onkyo RZ AVR Pre-orders
AV Receivers with proper HDMI 2.1 switching will finally start shipping soon: https://is.gd/QNn8yl ; https://is.gd/W8Nkde

– PS5 comes with 6 months of Apple TV+: https://is.gd/rDTa9a

– Via Karl – All FandangoNOW accounts will be moved over to Vudu: https://is.gd/Ymck2S

00:13:39 – Comments:

– Nathan W. suggests JBL Synthesis or Revel in-walls for Justin’s brother who asked about them last week.


00:14:39 – Rob W. asks about HDMI 2.1 Splitters
He also shares his LASIK eye surgery experience, confirms our ARC & eARC suggestions were correct, and asks about an amplifier’s trim level setting.

00:25:37 – Don S. asks why HDMI cables can have performance differences
– Blue Jeans Cable articles: https://is.gd/x3YVlZ

00:35:06 – Jeremy W. asks if he needs to hear other home theaters
He wants to know if it’s the only way to form a frame of reference and be able to tell if his own system is as good as it can be.

00:42:16 – Infinite Gary asks about unusual 12 Volt triggers

00:47:44 – Gurinder ponders an OLED setup in front of a window

01:01:15 – John O. gets further DIY subwoofer suggestions
And we discuss another option for affordable, high-efficiency speakers from HSU.
– GSG MartySub BTS: https://is.gd/deF6oc
– MartySub assembly instructions: https://is.gd/GZhENS
– HSU CCB-8 coaxial speakers: https://is.gd/sQAd8m

01:14:02 – Jack C. gets OLED & AVR model & setup advice
He’s trying to decide on size and placement, and exactly which models to get. Plus we weigh in on his room’s acoustics.
– Denon X3600H from Accessories4Less: https://is.gd/mjbezO

01:28:20 – Martin J. & John Q. ask about Auro-3D & Auromatic Upmixer
– https://avgadgets.com/qotd-how-you-should-label-your-atmos-speakers/

01:39:41 – Bertrand shares pics & asks about video info discrepancies
He also asks how to get a 4K menu and app interface on his NVidia Shield.
– Android TV OS 12 will add 4K menus: https://is.gd/2sMROs
–  http://www.avrant.com/av-rant-726-5-robs-xbox-series-x-playstation-5-settings/

01:50:27 – Jack R. asks about Loudness Management
– Loudness Management in Marantz manual: https://is.gd/rAtpod
– Dialogue Normalization explained: https://is.gd/f54S4n

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