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AV Rant #762: Gaming Headset Roundup

July 9th, 2021

Rob went on the hunt for a gaming headset in the $150 – $250 CAD price range. Apparently, nearly everything marketed at gamers is an underperforming rip-off! Listen to the end to hear what he ended up with.

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Levi and Kevin for their PayPal donations, plyus our 126 Patreon Patrons, including Rob W. and Fred.
Congrats to DJ. He chatted with Brent Butterworth on the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and gave us a lovely shout out: https://www.brightsidehometheater.com/episodes/brentbutterworth
And we appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Bob, Rob W., Andrew, Jay, Billy, and Fred. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

00:08:22 – In the news:

– YouTube TV is offering “4K Plus” as a $20/month Live TV add-on: https://is.gd/P4UHMp

– Via Karl – Quentin Tarantino bought the Vista Theatre: https://is.gd/ynlA7V

00:11:58 – Comments:

– Andrew thanks us for our honest advice, even when he doesn’t want to hear it. And he shares his latest purchase, made possible by saving money elsewhere.

00:14:47 – Tom tried Xbox bitstream passthrough audio


00:20:54 – Infinite Gary
wants to know where the digital to analogue conversion is taking place in some different wiring scenarios.

00:26:59 – Bob H.
asks if four overhead speakers are really necessary if object-based audio works the way he thinks it does, and if we’re just being manipulated into paying for more channels and speakers.

00:42:11 – Rob W.
asks if his Xbox Series X video output limitations are due to his HDMI cable or his AV Receiver, how to best handle HDMI-ARC and eARC, how to confirm what’s playing when using ARC, and how to resolve his audio-video sync issues when the video is ahead of the audio.

00:54:02 – Dennis R.
asks if a new amplifier will deliver the improved clarity he is hoping for.

01:02:36 – Billy
wants to know if new JVC projectors are on the way, or if he should pull the trigger right now, and whether to go NX5 or NX7.

01:11:17 – John O.
asks about a complex NVidia Shield setup using a tablet as a second monitor, and why we seem to misread or add or subtract things from people’s emails.
– Reddit thread about NVidia Shield Multitasking: https://is.gd/DP8hEH

01:25:20 – Bob
wants to know if an RCA Y-splitter will degrade audio quality, and the most reliable way to send computer audio to two different playback systems.

01:28:45 – Michael I.
wants to know the best way to adjust and calibrate your audio system when your primary seat is over to one side.

01:36:32 – Kevin T.
wants to know if the PS5 is a better Ultra HD Blu-ray player than his Sony X700.

01:39:56 – Fred R.
gets some 55″ TV and SoundBar advice for his in-laws.
– Sony X900H: https://is.gd/30epd6
– Sony X85J: https://is.gd/kwdZIo

01:48:15 – Rob’s Gaming Headset Roundup

02:02:44 – Rob’s Pick for a Gaming Headset

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