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AV Rant #745: We Loathe Gatekeeping

March 12th, 2021

Check out Tom’s latest appearance on the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast for his take on the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League: https://www.brightsidehometheater.com/episodes/tomandrysnydercut

00:00:00 – Intro & Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Ari for his PayPal donation, plus our 122 Patreon Patrons, as well as Mark for posting a customer review on Epson’s website that mentions our podcast, Dale for telling SVS that his uncle’s large order of speakers and subs was thanks to AVRant, and Bertrand for letting ElectronicsForLess.ca know that we sent him their way. We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from Dan, Bob, Mark, and Joe. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmUK5R2c

00:09:41 – In the news:

– Via Clint DeBoer – CoverTrim from Ornamental Decorative Millwork might be a great way to hide cables and wires: https://is.gd/nXmAnc

– Via Andrew L. – Paradigm announced their new Founder Series speakers: https://is.gd/ywXrei

– Via Karl – Sonos Roam is a small, portable, BlueTooth and WiFi speaker for $169: https://is.gd/pFEpSF

00:17:11 – Comments:

– Byron is happy to report no buyer’s remorse after replacing his SVS Ultra speakers with RBH SV-661/R.

– James shared a photo of the difference in quality between a printed image vs. a dye sublimated image on acoustically transparent fabric. But he has a warning for anyone hoping for perfect accuracy in the colors. https://avgadgets.com/how-to-identify-acoustically-transparent-fabric/

– Mark vouches for the Elac Debut 2.0 OW42 on-wall speakers.

– Herb lets us know that Cross-Spectrum Labs is still the correct name, as long as we’re talking about the individually calibrated microphones being sold: https://cross-spectrum.com/


00:23:47 – Evans & Paul
ask where to mount Atmos overhead speakers, and whether to start with two or install four right away.

00:33:17 – Dave
wants a 2.1 Receiver with bass management.
– Denon X1600H: https://is.gd/94FtKQ
– Yamaha TSR-700: https://is.gd/Y4ip5L
– Marantz SlimLine: https://is.gd/4ewyCQ
– Yamaha R-N803: https://is.gd/dRToG4
– Denon DRA-800: https://is.gd/Sxz6ZA
– SVS Prime Wireless Soundbase: https://is.gd/EKNo7i

00:38:38 – Infinite Gary
asks what’ll happen if he adds a 3rd subwoofer and tries Dirac Live Bass Control: https://is.gd/lDBO6h

00:44:50 – Russ
asks about Apple TV 4K picture settings, and comparing the audio & video quality of Apple Movies vs. physical discs.
– HDTV Test on streaming vs. disc: https://youtu.be/XbN00Sm0Bsg

00:59:34 – Peter
has a bone to pick about us ever recommending the subwoofer crawl, and also questions the usefulness of corner bass traps.
– https://avgadgets.com/subwoofer-placement-crawling-bass/
– https://avgadgets.com/should-i-add-acoustic-foam-to-my-home-theater/

01:19:18 – Chris H.
wants to know more about the Klippel speaker measurement system, and whether to use the auto-setup in the entry-level Denon S530 Receiver.

01:27:37 – Steve
wonders why interest in home theater gear and surround sound effects seems to be so male-dominated.

01:34:02 – J.R.
asks how to handle some newly discovered rattles in his theater.
– https://avgadgets.com/how-to-eliminate-rattles-in-your-home-theater/
– rubber insulation tape: https://is.gd/eqRTLv
– museum putty: https://is.gd/PXCHxt
– Blu-Tack: https://is.gd/FMZxqH

01:37:29 – Dave from the Movie Chatter Podcast
wants a 4K HDR projector with a short enough throw for a 120″ screen in his small room.
– BenQ HT3550: https://is.gd/BrJjDa
– Optoma CinemaX P2 UST: https://is.gd/vYnQj3

01:41:06 – Anonymous
asks how Yamaha YPAO with RSC compares to Audyssey MultEQ XT32.

01:42:32 – Dan H.
hopes we can convince him that Bookshelf speakers make sense over Towers.

01:47:12 – Chris
asks how close a subwoofer port can be to a wall.
– https://avgadgets.com/dealing-with-boundary-reinforcement-in-your-home-theater/

01:49:37 – John & Bob & Andrew & others
want to know how well SVS’ new 1000 Pro subwoofer models will pair with the old 1000 & 2000 Series.
– https://avgadgets.com/svs-sb-pb-1000-pro-subwoofer/

01:52:56 – Alan C.
went through a speaker upgrade journey before discovering he has some hearing loss, so he wants to know the best way to proceed now.

02:00:44 – Jack R.
asks how to perform ground plane measurements on subwoofers, and what dimension we are quoting when giving out screen size numbers.

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