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AV Rant #740: SVS 13-Ultra Subwoofer Amplifier Upgrade Kit Impressions

February 12th, 2021

0:13:00 Rob shares his experience installing and listening to the SVS 13-Ultra Subwoofer Amplifier Upgrade Kit in his PC13-Ultra cylinder subs, which upgrades them to the features of the PC-4000 models: https://www.svsound.com/products/svs-13-ultra-amplifier-upgrade-kit

Our Listeners of the Week are Matthew for his PayPal donation, plus our 124 Patreon Patrons, including Steve and Bertrand. We also want to thank Aaron, Seth, Tyler, Andrew, Rob, and Shannon for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

0:09:00 We start with an apology to the Magnolia rep who recommended our podcast to Kamran. We misunderstood what was said by whom. But Rob also went for a laugh at someone else’s expense, and that wasn’t cool. So Rob says, sorry. A token of recompense has been sent. And hopefully our apology is accepted, and we’re all good 🙂

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Vincent Teoh from HDTV Test analyzed the PS5 and Xbox Series X as Ultra HD Blu-ray players: https://youtu.be/JFpakgvCKck

– Samsung announced the prices of their 4K & 8K Neo QLED TV lineup: https://is.gd/HbB6jO


– Jack R. shared Everyday Home Repairs’ video on the PS Audio Power Port Classic wall outlet: https://youtu.be/cRJLqCnLsDU

– Vizio’s 85″ P Quantum X was discounted to $2,500, and the latest firmware got 4K/120 VRR working: https://is.gd/tXNTL3

0:28:49 Michael K. asks exactly what kind of electrical conduit to buy, and how to make sure it doesn’t ruin his soundproofing.
– Home Depot electrical conduit options: https://is.gd/cLrdow

0:35:47 Mike H. asks how to get the best quality audio from his TV’s built-in apps when his older Receiver lacks HDMI-ARC. He also asks why adding his Emotiva amplifier made his Martin Logan speakers way quieter.

0:41:52 Steve S. asks for Front 3 speaker upgrade suggestions for his theater, and passive SoundBar or on-wall speakers for his Living Room.
– RBH: https://is.gd/e3G6ak
– Ascend Sierra-2: https://is.gd/CLWFkG
– KEF LS50: https://is.gd/T3IqEN
– Martin Logan Motion: https://is.gd/3X2RTk
– KEF HTF8003 passive SoundBar: https://is.gd/c9MmUg
– Elac Debut 2.0 on-wall: https://is.gd/I1ed5z
– Dali Oberon: https://is.gd/eRGVrU
– Aperion Novus Slim: https://is.gd/9Sdsk0
– https://avgadgets.com/7-ways-to-hide-cables-in-your-home-theater/

0:52:27 James S. asks if you should always use the calibration mic that came with your AV Receiver, even if you own a better measurement mic.

0:54:57 Christian wonders how significant Dolby Atmos is for games.

0:58:01 Tyler asks for an inexpensive portable Bluetooth speaker recommendation.
– https://avgadgets.com/best-weatherproof-bluetooth-speakers/
– Ultimate Ears UE WonderBoom2: https://is.gd/wGJBzr
– Creative portable speakers: https://is.gd/rZFmBQ

1:03:21 Evans asks if he should get a second sub for his small room, and if so, which model.
– https://avgadgets.com/help-my-new-subwoofer-isnt-loud-enough/
– RSL SpeedWoofer 10S: https://is.gd/aWne20
– SVS SB-2000 Pro: https://is.gd/MGtind

1:11:39 Tim K. has a Denon Receiver that’s going into protection mode any time a Center speaker plays. He asks about dedicated Pre-Amp Mode (internal amplifier disconnect), whether he should consider Anthem instead, and whether speaker sensitivity has anything to do with it.

1:25:38 Jack R. asks for a speaker wall mount that can fit fairly large bookshelf speakers into a snug space.
– Cotytech front-to-back clamping mounts: https://is.gd/y1uNCm

1:29:23 Karl R. gets our take on Gear Patrol’s “What Does Hi-Fi Even Mean Anymore?” article: https://is.gd/TIU0oj

1:39:39 Bertrand gets an alternative 3-in-1 TV stand suggestion, and we discuss Anthem’s AV Receiver lineup.
– Best View Mounts 3-in-1 TV stands: https://is.gd/Lg8BHE

1:45:37 Everett L. asks how to use the Color Bars test pattern built into the Apple TV 4K.

1:49:47 Rob K. asks how to find the best spot for a single sub, so we dig into the “subwoofer crawl”. Then he gets clarification about Surround speaker placement and aiming, and how we think he should approach Atmos.
– Bass sweep generator: https://www.audiocheck.net/audiofrequencysignalgenerator_sweep.php

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