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AV Rant #730: Rob Trash Talks

December 11th, 2020

Have a look at what Tom’s been up to over at https://avgadgets.com/ . You’ll find written versions of some of our most frequently discussed topics, product reviews, and tidbits of info that aren’t readily available anywhere else!

Our Listeners of the Week are our 126 Patreon Patrons, as well as James “House of Cards” C. for talking us up to Accessories4Less, and James S. from Linus Tech Tips for giving us a shout out in their recent review of the LG 8K OLED88ZX: https://youtu.be/M5IfCdJq_ow . We also greatly appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from Kris, Andy, James, Bret, Martin, Nathan, and Gurinder. Thanks to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– WarnerMedia will release all its 2021 theatrical movies day-and-date on HBO Max: https://is.gd/kawkyM
– HBO Max will gain support for 4K/HDR, Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos: https://is.gd/lR1sNP
– And Christopher Nolan isn’t happy about it: https://is.gd/XHHj6z

– HDTV Test reviewed Sony’s newest projectors, and they do not have frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping, after all: https://youtu.be/ST11jRYwmr0


– Dan T. extols the virtues of bias lights for making LCD TVs look perceptually closer to OLED.

– Nick K. warns that the heat from a register close in front of a projector actually can distort the image.

– 0:35:15 Nathan W. says we convinced his friends to increase their budget, and possibly consider other speakers.
– Klipsch RP on-walls: https://is.gd/pLqW0s
– KEF T-Series: https://is.gd/flpWin

– Gurinder warns that cutting Super Chunk bass traps can still be messy.

0:37:49 Greg asks if it’s ok to build ceiling backer boxes and recess normal satellite speakers.

0:41:38 Timothy S. & Brandon N. ask if an SVS PC13-Ultra should be put into sealed mode when pairing it with an SB16-Ultra, and how to tell which sub model has higher output.
– Audioholics SB16-Ultra review measurements: https://is.gd/RxGQ5w
– Audioholics PB-4000 review measurements: https://is.gd/E2epNv

0:50:17 Nathan D. tries to get a friend to just use stereo speakers instead of rigging up an Ultra Short Throw projector with built-in speakers as a Center.

0:55:54 Brendan C. (in Australia) asks how to improve his room’s acoustics and dialogue intelligibility.
– CMF Acoustics AU: https://is.gd/2BMb7n

1:08:44 Joe K. asks which projector and screen to get.
– BenQ HT5550: https://is.gd/ZyD4cO
– Silver Ticket 120″: https://is.gd/7Hjmcl
– SeymourAV manual masking: https://is.gd/Ay1WlC
– https://avgadgets.com/why-169-is-the-best-projector-screen-aspect-ratio/

1:17:19 Aaron M. asks if there’s a very thin battery backup that could be mounted behind a TV.
– discontinued APC BG500 Li-ion: https://is.gd/bc3GdJ
– Xtreme Power J60: https://is.gd/W427IW
– CyberPower SE450: https://is.gd/8Setkf
– APC Back-UPS BN450M: https://is.gd/JNnW1P

1:22:36 Alex Y. asks if temporarily mounting satellite speakers high on his front and back walls will give Atmos a fair shake for evaluation.

1:24:56 Colin L. (in Australia) wants a small, inexpensive 2-ch amp.
– Fosi TDA7498E: https://is.gd/9uT7SH

1:28:18 Jim B. asks which Atmos position labels will result in the most overhead sound activity, and which audio output mode to use on either his 2019 Roku Ultra or LG B8 OLED for the best Plex audio.
– NVidia Shield Pro: https://is.gd/klShCn

1:34:23 Kris B. wonders if replacing his Def Tech floor level speakers with Elac Vela means he needs new in-ceiling Atmos speakers, too.
– Martin Logan Motion 2i: https://is.gd/IYk0AD
– Martin Logan ElectroMotion IC: https://is.gd/RCo25b

1:37:44 Tony C. asks about Roku Ultra Dolby Atmos output and Yamaha Receiver Upmixing, how to ceiling mount his projector when he has a drop tile ceiling, whether to get a screen and what kind, and anything else to change in his room.
– Silver Ticket fixed frame white: https://is.gd/Ns6A7g

1:48:56 Gurinder asks if it’s a good idea to set an Ultra HD Blu-ray player to output SDR with BT.2020 colors to a 1080p projector.

1:50:43 Dazz asks how to troubleshoot a speaker hum/hiss, and which planar-magnetic headphones to buy.
– HiFiMAN Sundara: https://is.gd/aZgfTb

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