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AV Rant #728: Tribit QuietPlus 50 Bluetooth ANC Headphone Review

November 27th, 2020

Tom is now the Editor-in-Chief at AV Gadgets: https://avgadgets.com/

0:02:07 Tom reviews the Tribit QuietPlus 50 Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones.
And you can read his full review at AV Gadgets: https://avgadgets.com/tribit-quietplus-50-bluetooth-anc-headphone-review/

Also check out Rob’s Recommended Video, Audio & Blu-ray Player Settings for Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5: https://youtu.be/Z2IJnxWTF14

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Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– SVS has a Black Friday Sale on 2000 Series (not 2000 Pro) subwoofers: https://is.gd/dA8OTo

– Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on HBO Max day-and-date with theaters on Christmas Day: https://is.gd/ytNmSJ

– Via Clara – Plex Pass subscribers can now add HDR to SDR tone mapping: https://is.gd/uL1Xgv


– Jonathan needed to vent about needing to have multiple streaming devices, and the woes of switching from fiber optic to cable ISP.

– Bob still gets nagged to replace his LG OLED’s power board, which was already done. And he wonders if he’s experiencing the placebo effect, since colors seem to look more vibrant now.

0:28:58 Jay A. asks where to get shorter, aftermarket power cords for an amplifier.
– Monoprice 14 AWG IEC power cord: https://is.gd/hN3XXu

0:30:52 Jason S. & Dan C. & Chris M. all ask what to buy to convert a subwoofer and Surround speakers to wireless. Then Jason asks about LG OLED TV and Apple TV 4K settings.
– Outlaw Audio OAW4: https://is.gd/Mio8Wj
– Outlaw OAW4 additional receiving unit: https://is.gd/4G7Xu9
– Amphony Model 1700: https://is.gd/K3jY5m
– Amphony M1700 additional receiving unit: https://is.gd/oJdTPy
– Amphony 36V power adapter: https://is.gd/WHzX0B
– RTings LG CX Settings: https://is.gd/VmPM78

0:40:26 Dazz gets our thoughts on dual opposed subwoofer designs, shares some updates, and asks about his upstairs printed absorption panel plans.

0:46:55 Brian B. gets our thoughts on the best way to install Surround Back speakers in his setup, how to improve his 82″ TV and Center speaker mount (shout out to Carl C. for recommending Wayfair to find lower prices), how to get VRR and eARC working, and what’s up with Xbox Dolby Atmos Upmixing.
– Aperion Novus Slim speakers: https://is.gd/9Sdsk0
– TransDeco 3-in-1 TV stand: https://is.gd/YicSgi

1:06:20 Infinite Gary wants to know how audible the differences would be between Anthem’s AVM-70 and AVM-90 Pre-Pros.

1:12:09 Curt G. asks what’s involved when playing Ultra HD Blu-rays with HDR on a 1080p SDR display.

1:15:31 Justin B. asks whether the BenQ LH710 or Epson LS300 UST projector will look better for movies, and whether Ultra Short Throw projectors can be dimmer, since they’re so much closer to the screen.

1:19:43 Christian S. asks why the colors are so off in Game picture mode on his LG C8 OLED, how many picture modes he needs for various content, and how to automatically switch by using a Harmony Remote.
– RTings C8 Settings: https://is.gd/lX0w1l

1:27:11 Aidan C. asks about system level vs. individual game adjustments for HDR, how to pass VRR through an AV Receiver, whether projectors will get VRR, and why his Sony X900F looks so dim in HDR.
– RTings Sony X900F Settings: https://is.gd/qKhqUp

1:32:21 Dan C. asks about APC’s P4V on-wall surge protector vs. similar models.
– APC P4V at B&H Photo: https://is.gd/JGimFz

1:34:52 Amelia follows up on her Bag End self-powered studio monitors and subs. Huge shout out to Chad B. for addressing the consumer RCA line level to professional XLR line level issue for us. Then Amelia asks about subwoofer placement, and what type of display to buy.
– Rolls Promatch line level converter: https://is.gd/XyDZ4X

1:53:09 Bastian B. & John T. both want new 65-inch TVs, and they ask about OLED vs. LCD and less expensive options.

1:58:54 Alex Y. wants to know what small, easy-to-mount speakers are available now that the Focal Little Birds are discontinued. Shout out to Alan V. for letting us know Monoprice is using metric M6 threaded inserts.
– Orb Audio Mod1: https://is.gd/jBWr14
– Monoprice HT-35: https://is.gd/6XMZhm
– Monoprice low-profile speaker mounts: https://is.gd/A2Eo9P

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