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AV Rant #724: Bob Teaches Technicians

November 6th, 2020

Thankful on Infinite Podcasts! Ara & Braden, the HT Guys from the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast, DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and Lee, Tom & Rob from AVRant will all be getting together to record a special episode for Thanksgiving! We’re really looking forward to it.

Our Listeners of the Week are Alan, Aras, Kevin, Chad & Bertrand for their donations, along with our 122 Patreon Patrons, as well as Steve (from https://www.nextgenhometheater.com/ ) for convincing Rob to try the insanity approach for requesting a PlayStation VR Camera Adapter for PS5 ( https://is.gd/uYFlvb ), Blake for letting Gary Yacoubian, the CEO of SVS, know that his PB-4000 + PC-4000 purchase was thanks to our recommendation, and Stan for telling Ascend Acoustics he bought Sierra Luna Duo speakers after hearing about them from us. We also want to thank Brandon, Scott, Aras, Jay & Chad for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you all for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– 0:14:19 AMD announced their 6000 Series Radeon GPUs: https://is.gd/syfrmh

– 0:16:58 Anthem announced their new AV Receivers & Pre-Pros: https://is.gd/FKLPnR

– Netflix USA is raising prices: https://is.gd/NBt138


– Herb from https://cross-spectrum.com/ gives us the scoop on the newest miniDSP microphones.

– Nick B. recommends https://www.arrow-player.com/ for horror movies and cult classics.

– Karl R. relays what Denon told him about X8500H HDMI 2.1 upgrades.

– Bob shares the end of the story about getting the power board in his LG OLED replaced.

0:32:37 R.D. asks which size of OLED he should buy.

0:36:45 Marcus F. asks if he should use the pre-wired in-ceiling speaker positions in his Living Room.

0:38:41 Aaron M. asks if an LG CX OLED is worth a bit more than a Sony A9G OLED, and which on-wall speakers to get.
– Klipsch Reference Premiere on-walls: https://is.gd/pLqW0s

0:43:53 Rob X. asks about officially certified Ultra High Speed HDMI cables.
– HDTV Test found non-certified but functional options: https://youtu.be/w0a_GQ-Ze-8
– Vivify W31: https://is.gd/XbftUp
– Rocketfish officially certified: https://is.gd/zjnwaM

0:49:08 Jason S. has a low ceiling and elevated Surrounds, so he asks if Atmos might be a bad idea for him.

0:53:24 Brandon C. asks about electrical wiring for his basement home theater build.

0:56:52 Brandon N. asks which wired outdoor speakers we recommend, and which 4-conductor, outdoor-rated speaker wire.
– Yamaha AW592: https://is.gd/IhWOsN
– GearIT outdoor speaker wire: https://is.gd/GcJ97a

1:00:13 Ralph M. asks which app to use for cataloguing his Blu-ray collection.
– MyMovies: https://is.gd/AI3JMt
– My Movies by Blu-ray.com: Android: https://is.gd/toA6CA ; iOS: https://is.gd/3V64MH
– DVD Profiler: https://is.gd/KKSJp1

1:03:15 Scott S. asks if he should service or replace his moving coil cartridge for his turntable.

1:06:05 Jeff M. asks what to do since his current speakers aren’t keeping up with the output of his subs in his open concept house.
– SVS Prime Wireless (DTS Play-Fi whole house audio): https://is.gd/CpZYPt
– Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers: https://is.gd/5DMtXb
– HSU HC-1 MK2: https://is.gd/I5OMlM
– Power Sound Audio speakers: https://is.gd/VKhWeo
– JTR speakers: https://is.gd/n2wLzw

1:15:21 Alan V. has us go over his small home theater room plans, including orientation, Atmos speakers, and a clean-looking front stage.
– Monoprice HT-35: https://is.gd/6XMZhm
– VideoSecu speaker mounts: https://is.gd/7ceci4

1:31:05 Bertrand L. gets suggestions for on-ceiling Atmos speakers to match his picks for Main speakers, soundproofing ideas, shelves vs. wall-mounts, TV height, AVR choice, and planning for a future projector and screen.
– Martin Logan Motion 2i: https://is.gd/IYk0AD
– IsoStore HushFrame: https://is.gd/StXCrP
– IsoStore QuietBox: https://is.gd/76bDWO
– Electrical Male Inlet: https://is.gd/0a9qw5

1:51:49 Gurinder asks about putting velvet all around his screen, our opinion about changing aspect ratios and IMAX sequences, and 3D on his JVC X790.
– Baritone velvet (scroll down to DIY fabric): https://is.gd/v8yfH0
– JVC 3D Emitter: https://is.gd/3jynGS
– JVC 3D glasses: https://is.gd/BKEOkr
– Hi-Shock JVC-compatible 3D glasses: https://is.gd/Y6C5n3
– Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D: https://is.gd/obzSlm

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