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AV Rant #722: Centers Suck, Fight Me

October 23rd, 2020

0:05:05 We have a Podcast crossover event coming up! That’s right, Ara & Braden, the HT Guys from the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast, DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and Lee, Tom & Rob from AVRant will all be getting together to record a special episode for Thanksgiving!

And we want a question to answer! So if you’ve ever had a question in mind that you wanted answered by six podcast hosts all at once, now’s your chance! Send it to our email: Question at AVRant dot com.

Our Listeners of the Week are our 123 Patreon Patrons, as well as Steve G. for confirming on Twitter that the upcoming Ultra HD Blu-ray release of The Hobbit trilogy will be in 24 fps only, no high frame rate. We also want to thank David, John, and Aaron for sending in notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Sony released a firmware update for their “Ready for PlayStation 5” TVs. It adds 4K/120 and eARC, but VRR and ALLM are still missing, and will require yet another firmware update in the near future: https://is.gd/VEvzC4

– Sound United completed their acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins: https://is.gd/ABJ8eP

– LG’s 65″ RX rollable OLED (“Roll-LED”?) can now be purchased…for $87,000: https://is.gd/xyYfeU

– Via Karl – Alamo Drafthouse will convert the lobby of their South Lamar location in Texas into a Video Vortex rental location in order to preserve the rare VHS & DVD collections of Vulcan Video & I Luv Video, which are closing: https://is.gd/rt6Yq9

– Some Disney+ content now has a 12-second, unskippable warning with a link to Disney’s Stories Matter website: https://is.gd/bwQPVS


– DJ was told by SVS that their current amplifiers do not have replaceable fuses in them.

0:29:36 Infinite Gary gets our take on: Marantz talking about “tuning” their Receivers for a certain audience, whether we think Ultra Short Throw projectors will grow in popularity and how distracting they are at the front of your room, and any humorous conversations we’ve had thanks to our home theater setups.
– Marantz interview with Part-Time Audiophile: https://is.gd/JtOhOd

0:42:30 Zakir H. is unsatisfied with his bass after doing a subwoofer crawl and adjusting his subwoofer’s phase. He asks if it’s because he has mismatched speakers, or bad room acoustics, or something else.
– Audiocheck.net sweep generator: https://is.gd/0c9QmM

0:53:01 Jeremy D. needs a projector that will fit within the somewhat restrictive dimensions of a ceiling lift.
– JVC LX-NZ3 4K DLP Laser: https://is.gd/F73bZt
– Epson Home Cinema 3800: https://is.gd/UDZesp

0:59:01 David M. asks which Center speaker to get to go along with his Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 2 bookshelf speakers.
– Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 5 Center: https://is.gd/ff65p3

1:04:23 Dwain asks if Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL electrostatic speakers would be an upgrade over his Def Tech BP9040 Towers with A90 Atmos Modules. And he asks what is the best way to set his speaker format.

1:14:11 John C. found the Yamaha TSR-700 Receiver at Costco, and confirms that it’s the RX-V6A by a different name.

1:15:35 Mike V. asks which projector and screen to get for a room without light control.
– Optoma CinemaX P2: https://is.gd/RXOWBh
– Samsung “The Premiere” LSP9T: https://is.gd/CNLquB
– EluneVision Aurora UST: https://is.gd/dFlIN8
– EluneVision Reference UST: https://is.gd/OsLWTJ
– Elite Screens Aeon CLR: https://is.gd/DwnhqB

1:25:50 Dan C. wants a SoundBar or similar form factor with a subwoofer output.
– Marantz SlimLine AVR: https://is.gd/5cdklx
– KEF HTF7003: https://is.gd/G7Moe7
– Orb Audio speakers: https://is.gd/z1B8nN
– Yamaha YAS-109: https://is.gd/WvqPmf
– Focal Dimension: https://is.gd/eeRAit

1:31:36 Karl R. asks what to get to replace his APC J15 battery backup UPS.
– APC Back-UPS Pro “Gaming Performance”: https://is.gd/948HkA
– APC Back-UPS Pro MS2: https://is.gd/pjUZMu
– APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming: https://is.gd/431FPq
– Panamax battery backup: https://is.gd/qZBVY6
– SurgeX UPS-1000-Li-2: https://is.gd/9ahqIB

1:41:34 Manuel T. asks how to fix black crush when using his Xbox One with his BenQ W1070 projector without washing out the image of all his other sources.

1:47:10 Aaron M. asks for the best way to label overhead speakers if he has to move his seat way back, which prompts Tom to have a one-sided conversation with Aaron’s wife. We also go over 3D glasses options for Epson projectors.
– Samsung 5150: https://is.gd/GwDZqz
– Sony BT500: https://is.gd/ICc93v
– Elikliv 4-pack: https://is.gd/QQW3qL
– Sintron double-pack: https://is.gd/zfIhED

2:00:22 Andrew C. wants our opinion on Edifier speakers and YouTube videos that claim to be offering lossless audio.

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