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AV Rant #719: Speakers ABOUT Speakers

Our Listeners of the Week are our 125 Patreon Patrons, including Paul. We also want to thank Kris, Terry, Ilango, Michael, Mark, Carl, Vince, Jay, and Aras for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Amazon’s product event included spherical Echo devices, and cameras to follow you everywhere: https://is.gd/Rha10Z

– Amazon Luna is their streaming game service: https://is.gd/SiuSP5

– 0:18:08 KEF LS50 Meta & LS50 Wireless II use metamaterial for sound absorption: https://is.gd/VRfixn

– New Roku Ultra supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and AV1: https://is.gd/Q4FhwX

– JCE receives the first Ultra High Speed HDMI cable certification: https://is.gd/EYri6n


– Carl reports that Peacock works best on Roku.

– 0:29:21 Eddy shares his Q Acoustics & SVS updates. And his girlfriend, Mercedes, can help you design your home office with her superb rendering and expertise: https://www.femhomes.com/special-launch-offer-femoffices

– Fred R. got his bonded grounding situation sorted out by Spectrum.

– Mark H. has some additional good advice about getting the right size of Mitsubishi mini-split A/C to cool your room quietly.

– 0:39:22 CB prompted us to share HDMI Forum’s handy chart of bitrates for various resolutions and frame rates: https://is.gd/EhxpqT (pg. 44)

0:40:00 Tom H. asks if he should buy a JVC NX7 or Sony VW715ES projector.

0:44:02 Terry G. has us dive into Separates vs. Receivers, and asks which home theater recliners to buy.
– HT Design Clark: https://is.gd/IXMv0S

0:59:12 Matt G. solved an HDMI ARC issue, is interested in Google’s new Android TV dongle, and asks for surge protection recommendations and outdoor ethernet cable.
– Google Android TV dongle: https://is.gd/8IbZWZ
– APC P8V: https://is.gd/I4ig1o
– APC Back-UPS BE850: https://is.gd/QFEWr4
– APC H10: https://is.gd/iMMTAF
– APC Back-UPS Pro “Gaming Performance”: https://is.gd/xHhdnj
– Cables.com outdoor Cat6: https://is.gd/n0Zc5G

1:05:38 Lior gets details on how Audyssey applies its target curves, and shares an unofficial program to adjust Audyssey Editor files on your PC.
– ratbuddyssey unofficial Audyssey PC editor: https://is.gd/EPeHwJ

1:09:32 Matt H. gets confirmation about in-wall speaker choice, acoustically transparent and ambient-light rejecting projection screen options, easy soundproofing tips, and TCL TV model advice.
– HSU HIW-1: https://is.gd/axdjly
– Elite Screens Aeon AcousticPro UHD: https://is.gd/wDfSeG
– Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D AT: https://is.gd/obzSlm
– IsoStore HushFrame: https://is.gd/StXCrP

1:25:05 Ken S. needs a 2-channel amp, and we describe his options for which speakers can be powered by said amp.
– Dayton APA102: https://is.gd/fgNnXi

1:29:19 Gary C. wants a projector that can do at least 4K/60 with HDR at a reasonable price, plus an AV Receiver to match.
– Epson 5050UB: https://is.gd/SRX2fB
– Epson Home Cinema 3800: https://is.gd/UDZesp
– Optoma UHD50X: https://is.gd/FtcaaT
– Denon X4500H from Accessories4Less: https://is.gd/W0HxN6

1:35:22 Gurinder asks if there’s an easy way to extend the length of a phone line.
– IDC: https://is.gd/JQLTXb

1:38:05 Karl R. shares his dream amps, and asks what ours are. Then requests our thoughts on the Denon A110 Anniversary Edition Receiver (https://is.gd/2kq9mm), and Dolby’s desire to make Atmos the new stereo.
– Linn Klimax Solo: https://is.gd/R9jcpb
– Monoprice Monolith 7X: https://is.gd/CvxuQe
– ATI Signature AT6000: https://is.gd/sg9c3t

1:47:02 Jeff G. hears how to get both his JVC projector and his Vizio TV working with his Denon X4300H Receiver through some HDMI conflicts.

1:51:37 Nick B. asks about PreSonus inexpensive desktop speakers.
– PreSonus E3.5: https://is.gd/wzKBKi
– PreSonus E4.5: https://is.gd/5YLssf

1:54:35 Mark H. asks if buying a new Receiver will mean he can sell his Oppo 203 for a profit, and whether HEOS can play local music files with gapless playback.

2:03:52 Matt B. asks for on-wall speakers to match either RBH or HSU in-walls.
– RBH Ultra-1: https://is.gd/l7TZv0
– Klipsch RP-140D: https://is.gd/LhIHIi

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