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AV Rant #718: Move Seats Two Feets

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Check our Rob’s guest appearance on the Week 38 of 2020 episode of the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast to chat about home theater, and The Martian: https://www.brightsidehometheater.com/episodes

Our Listeners of the Week are Timothy for his donation, plus our 125 Patreon Patrons, as well as DJ for letting us know he’s sending ullls some Bright Side Home Theater Podcast swag: https://is.gd/jqY04i . We also want to thank Eric, Matt B., Chad, Tom, Terry, and Matt G. for sending us notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Apple One bundles Apple’s various subscription services for a discount: https://is.gd/oa4iBb

– 4K YouTube still doesn’t work on the Apple TV 4K: https://is.gd/63zWmj

– Pre-orders for Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles were both a mess: https://is.gd/LaJcNe

– Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, id Software, and a few other game studios: https://is.gd/6bk2i3

– Oculus Quest 2 is cheaper than expected, but pretty much needs some add-ons: https://is.gd/LaJcNe

– FlatpanelsHD’s TV Database is an awesome resource: https://is.gd/QS10dl

– CBS All Access will be rebranded as Paramount+: https://is.gd/a2SwmL

– Peacock is on Roku now: https://is.gd/oT1r4D

– LG says a firmware update will fix 120Hz input from NVidia RTX 30-Series GPUs on its OLEDs, even though we think the lack of Ultra High Speed HDMI cables might be mostly to blame: https://is.gd/PnZxlf


– Infinite Gary further confirms that Mitsubishi mini-split A/C units are quiet, and he recommends an S-Video to HDMI converter from Cables.com for Karl: https://is.gd/N0Lhjw

– 0:26:01 Michael Z. recommends the least expensive S-Video to HDMI converter yet with the just-launched RetroTINK 2X-Mini: https://is.gd/75ARHg

0:27:39 Infinite Gary asks what Stereo Reverse does, and whether dissipating heat from power cords is a genuine benefit.

0:32:43 Anthony B. downsized his theater room, but wants a huge field of view, so we discuss seating plans, how many rows, speaker configuration, and whether he needs new speakers and subs. Then we discuss using a 55″ TV as an HDMI 2.1 computer monitor, and a 2.0 PC audio setup.
– Sony X900H: https://is.gd/RMLRDE
– LG CX OLED: https://is.gd/liJMQq
– AudioEngine powered speakers: https://is.gd/wls5jH
– SVS Prime Wireless: https://is.gd/CpZYPt

0:50:49 Mike P. wants to know all about Ultra Short Throw projectors, if there’s a good choice right now, and what screen to get for UST.
– Optoma CinemaX P2: https://is.gd/RXOWBh
– EluneVision Aurora UST: https://is.gd/dFlIN8
– EluneVision Reference UST: https://is.gd/OsLWTJ
– Elite Screens Aeon CLR: https://is.gd/4Illib

1:01:51 Brandon N. asks if he can set different subwoofer levels per input on his Marantz Receiver, which subwoofer models offer maximum output and extension for the price, and how to stop his ceiling mounted projector from shaking when his kids jump upstairs.
– Marantz Options Menu Channel Level Adjust: https://is.gd/sIPdAE
– Power Sound Audio V1812: https://is.gd/MsXFhe
– Monoprice Monolith 15″ Ported: https://is.gd/d0BHyH
– Chief CMA-347 Projector Vibration Isolator: https://is.gd/EH5hKo

1:09:51 Monty N. has us revisit his home theater size options after providing more info.

1:17:38 Eric R. wants a lot of space between his screen and seat, but still a nice field of view, so we discuss screen size and options, acoustically transparent screens, and potential projectors.
– EluneVision Aurora ALR (max 135″): https://is.gd/YJ4lnw
– EluneVision Aurora ALR Perforated (max 135″): https://is.gd/4OBM8F
– Elite Screens Sable CineGrey 3D (max 150″): https://is.gd/ARgtZg
– Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D AT (max 120″): https://is.gd/obzSlm

1:33:02 Matt asks about $200 in-wall speaker options and backer boxes.
– HSU HIW-1: https://is.gd/axdjly
– RBH Visage VA-610: https://is.gd/DIYR1M
– RBH Rear Enclosure: https://is.gd/6McMjC
– IsoStore QuietBox (for in-ceiling): https://is.gd/76bDWO

1:38:57 Chad B. finds out why eARC isn’t working (yet) on his Sony X900H, why Dolby Vision isn’t working on his 2017 NVidia Shield, and why Dolby Vision and HDR10 don’t look different from Netflix.

1:43:46 Jeremy P. gets our take on the Flare Audio Calmer earplugs: https://is.gd/xaEoQV
– Etymotic Ety Plugs: https://is.gd/AhLRzT

1:47:12 Mark V. has a wide open room, and he wants to know about 6 ohm vs. 8 ohm ratings, cheap Tower speaker options, and which Front 3 speakers to get.
– JBL Stage A170: https://is.gd/YJRrE8
– HSU HC-1 MK2: https://is.gd/I5OMlM

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