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AV Rant #716: DJ from Bright Side Home Theater

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We have a special guest co-host this week! DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast was kind enough to step in on short notice. Tom (https://nerdylegion.com/episodes/brightsideht-34) and Rob (https://nerdylegion.com/episodes/brightsideht-39) have both been guests on DJ’s podcast, so it was a pleasure to have him on AVRant! You can find DJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrightSideHT and at his website: https://www.brightsidehometheater.com/

Our Listeners of the Week are Jefferson for his donation, and our 123 Patreon Patrons. We also want to thank Jefferson, Joe, Bob, Casey, and Daniel for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you all for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Karl – JVC released their ExoField XP-EXT1 wireless headphone with full Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding: https://is.gd/Efbigd

– Emotiva finally delivered Dirac via a Raspberry Pi-powered Interface Kit: https://youtu.be/cwwSrcTHnMg?t=271

– JVC detailed the firmware update for their 4K projectors: https://is.gd/JNuvPz

– Optoma announced the CinemaX P2 UST projector: https://is.gd/8dyrbp

– Samsung announced The Premiere UST projectors: https://is.gd/0xvJPt

– LG’s CineBeam HU810P brings dynamic tone mapping: https://is.gd/wLOIm0

– Sony’s VW715ES & VE915ES are their first projectors with Dynamic HDR Enhancer: https://is.gd/wTvoFb


– David B. explains why it makes sense to keep the same AC house wiring we already have.

– Nelson W. explains why pro amps often aren’t a suitable match for consumer pre-outs, and has a bone to pick with the “pulled, not pushed” phrase regarding amps and speakers.

– Fred R. now has a working Denon X4500H from Accessories4Less, and listening to Mario’s advice from Ep #713 (https://is.gd/4otmUW) led him to find grounding code violations at his house.

– Daniel W. encourages everyone to call companies if they have issues, as he got great results from LG and Logitech.

0:48:04 Jefferson G. wants a new projector under $6,000, possibly a ceiling mount, and a 35-foot HDMI cable.
– Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB: https://is.gd/0wLExh
– JVC NX5: https://is.gd/1Hy82S
– Sony VW295ES: https://is.gd/lFMroE
– Peerless Precision Gear Mount: https://is.gd/DfYtVZ
– Blue Jeans Cable Series-3A Active HDMI: https://is.gd/aUKCYn
– Monoprice DynamicView Active HDMI: https://is.gd/exGf2I

1:00:53 Casey P. asks about Front speaker upgrade options, a potential DIY bass trap, a “budget” projector with motorized lens, and if there’s anything else he should do after a flood in his basement.
– Ascend HTM-200SE: https://is.gd/npXANQ
– NHT C-Series: https://is.gd/TpK6D7
– Epson HC 4010: https://is.gd/QYy4wI
– Epson HC 5050UB: https://is.gd/SRX2fB

1:12:31 Manuel T. asks which source to get for Atmos content.
– Apple TV 4K: https://is.gd/Es338Z
– Panasonic UB420: https://is.gd/xrNTcZ

1:17:20 Nick B. wonders if TCL’s future update for their 8-Series might bring 1080p/120 with VRR, and whether an HDMI 2.1 AVR would be necessary.

1:22:11 Dazz asks if we think a DIY version of Acoustical Solutions’ ceiling tiles is feasible.

1:30:29 Monty N. asks for minimum room dimensions, and door and window placement.

1:40:29 J.R. asks about dual subwoofer placement, and Atmos speaker orientation.

1:46:29 Adam G. gets advice about laying a cylinder sub on its side behind a couch, and how to optimize speaker crossovers.

1:56:24 Joseph T. asks what Loudness Management is, and how to know whether to use Audyssey Reference or Flat.

2:02:09 Infinite Gary wants to know if it’s better to increase the volume on his phono pre-amp or his pre-pro.

2:06:54 Chris T. asks why we can’t plug a power strip into a battery backup UPS.
– CEDIA on cascading surge protectors (12 minute mark): https://is.gd/jzud06

2:12:03 Enrique V. asks where to start with $300 for acoustic treatments.
– Acoustimac panels: https://is.gd/DmFfHM
– GiK 242 panels: https://is.gd/huddiS
– Acoustimac panel kits: https://is.gd/AmhRVu

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